Every latest released data plan was a hit back to back, from the MTN 3.75GB data plan to MTN 1.3GB data plan to MTN 5GB with free N2560, mtn ti take over. As if that isn’t enough yet, another one has been rolled out and trust me it’s a lovely one as it will be beneficial to those who browse a lot as well as to those who make lengthy call. mtn (2)

How it works: MTN gives you a N24500 worth of airtime to call any network as well as you get rewarded with MTN 1.6GB internet data. Like I said this plan is profitable both for the calling type and the browsing type.

Step by Step Guide to get the MTN N24500 + 1.6GB reward with N5000?

  • Recharge your MTN line with N5000
  • Send the text, V5000 to 131 and your 1.6GB internet data would be activated, and you’ll be rewarded with N24500 airtime to call any network at cheaper rates.

Note this data plan is valid for 30 days, and it’s not limited to just some sim cards, every MTN subscriber is entitled to it. Lastly, this plan works on all internet enabled device, be it smartphones or PC.

If you prefer calling over browsing, then you can opt-in for this plan, but those heavy browsers, like I am, you can go for the MTN 5GB for N2000 internet package. If you are on the both side, then go for the MTN 5GB for N5000 internet package with free N6500 to call any network. to opt-in, simply SMS D5000 to 131.

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