The MTN Super saver plus tariff plan is essentially a plan that cares for the needs of both its local customers and international customers, who have decided to stick with MTN no matter their destination.
The MTN super saver plus allows you to call at flat rates that can go as low as 15 Kobo per second, for both local and international calls, plus it gives you lot of freebies when it comes to making international calls from a roamed line.

MTN super saver plus

In this article, I am going to be giving comprehensive details, on how to go about subscribing to the super saver plus Tariff plan, how the MTN super saver plus Tariff plan works, terms and conditions and the general benefits of the super saver plus MTN Tariff Plan.

How Does MTN Super Saver Plus Work

The super saver plus as earlier said was built to serve MTN’s local and international customers.
Making local calls, the super saver plus offers a call rate of 15 Kobo per seconds, after you might have made calls which sum up to 1 minute in duration. Before the one minute mark, calls made will run at a call rate of 40 Kobo per second.
This call rate applies to calls made between MTN lines and calls made between MTN to other networks.

The MTN super saver plus plan also provides freebies for users who are making roamed calls. Free roam calls on the MTN saver plus, is activated after you might have spent up to 3000 Naira on incoming calls the month before the month you traveled.
The MTN super saver plus also provides up to 50 percent discount on calls made internationally.

Benefits of MTN super saver Plus

  • Flat call rate of 15 Kobo per seconds on calls made between MTN lines and calls made between MTN to other networks, after you might have spent one minute on calls in a day.
  • Discounted news service valid for 7 days
  • End of call notification to inform you on your call duration, total cost of the call and your present account balance
  • Free happy hour calls from 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM every day, with the condition that you have up to 100 Naira in your account balance.
  • Super free Roam
  • Super Free calls to some international countries

How To Migrate To MTN Super Saver Plus

To migrate to the MTN Super Saver Plus;

  • Dial *408*1#


  • Text 408 to 131

Call Rate Calculator for MTN Super Saver Plus

On the MTN saver plus, you are offered with 15 Kobo per seconds after you might have spent one minute on calls in a day. Before reaching the one-minute duration mark, call rate will be at 40 Kobo per second for calls.

Before One Minute duration mark, the call rate is 40 Kobo per second.

40 Kobo x 60 seconds = 2400 Kobo

2400 ÷ 100 = 24 Naira

After One Minute duration mark, call rate is 15 Kobo per second.

15 Kobo x 60 seconds = 900 Kobo

900 Kobo ÷ 100 = 9 Naira

These calculations prove that 40 Kobo per seconds call rate on the MTN super saver plus, before reaching the one-minute duration mark will cost you 24 Naira.
After reaching the one-minute duration mark, call rate becomes 9 Naira per minute.

MTN super saver plus FAQs

1. What is super Destination?

Super Destination is a service that allows customers on MTN super plus plan to make discounted calls up to 50 % to some selected countries.

2. Which counties does the super Destination apply?

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Lebanon
  • China
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia

3. Can I change my registered destination?

Yes, you must first delete your current destination by dialing *408*4*4# and then registering a new destination by dialing *408*2#.

4. How can I view my current destination?

You can check your current destination by dialing *408*1#

5. What is super roam?

Super roam is a service on the Super Saver Plus that allows customers to receive free incoming calls in the already listed countries.

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