MTN Xtra Value bundles is an MTN package that rewards you with extra bonuses on every airtime and data purchase. The MTN Xtra Value bundle is one of those rear packages that doesn’t have conditions or daily access fees.

MTN xtra value bundle


In this article, I am going to be giving comprehensive details, on how to go about subscribing to the MTN xtra value bundle, how the MTN Xtra value bundles works, terms and conditions and the general benefits of the Xtra value bundle Plan. The MTN Xtra Value Bundle is yet another unique on in the list of MTN Tariff Plans.

How Does The MTN Xtra Value Bundles Package Work

As earlier said, the Xtra value bundle package was designed to give every MTN subscriber on its package extra airtime and extra data when you make purchases.

The Xtra value bundle package is broken into two parts, the Xtra talk bundle and the Xtra data bundle.

The Xtra talk bundle offers more voice calls bonus than data volume bonus, it was designed to give you extra bonuses on airtime purchases, depending on the amount of airtime purchased.
With extra talk bundle you will be able to make calls at the rate of 27 Naira per minute on local calls and 39.6 Naira on international calls, send text messages at 4 Naira.

The Xtra data bundle offers more data bonus than voice calls, it was designed to give you extra bonuses on data purchases, which is dependent on the amount of data purchased.

Benefits of MTN Xtra value bundle package

  • Extra Airtime bonus, when you recharge
  • Extra data bonus, make data purchases

To Activate/Migrate To MTN Xtra value bundles plan.

To migrate to the Xtra value bundles plan on MTN, you will have to purchase any of the xtra value bundle plans. Your purchase could come from the Xtra talk bundle or Xtra data bundle.
After purchasing any of the Xtra value bundle, you will be automatically migrated to the MTN Xtra value bundle plan.

To purchase an xtra value data bundle,

Dial *131* 2#.

Bundles Available On The MTN Xtra Value Plan

Xtra Talk

Bundle cost 



Airtime value cost for callsN1000N1,950N3,900N7,850N19,500N39,000N59,00N80,200
Data Value50MB100MB300MB650MB1.5GB2.5GB3.5GB4.5GB
How To SubscribeText V300 To 131Text V500 To 131Text V1000 To 131Text V2000 To 131Text V5000 To 131Text V10,000 To 131Text V15,000 To 131Text V20,000 To 131
Call Rate Per Minute27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira27 Naira

Xtra Data

Airtime Value for  callsN300N500N,10002,500N6,500N14,000N24,000N28,000
Data Value200MB500MB1GB2.5GB6.5GB14GB20GB30GB
How To SubscribeText D300 To 131Text D500 To 131Text D1000 To 131Text D2000 To 131Text D5000 To 131Text D10,000 To 131Text D15,000 To 131Text D20,000 To 131

MTN super saver plus FAQs

1. Who can Migrate to the Xtra value data plan?

All MTN prepaid customers can migrate to MTN Xtra value plan, after purchasing a bundle from the xtra value bundle.

2. How much will I be charged for migration

Migrating to the MTN xtra value bundle doesn’t attract any fee, you will only be charged for the xtra value bundle you are purchasing.

3. Will be able to purchase the xtra value bundle plans from other tariff plans?

Yes, you will. After purchasing any of the xtra value bundles, you will be automatically migrated to the MTN xtra value bundle plan.

4. Will the system be able to renew my Xtra value bundle after exhausting the bundle?

Yes, your Xtra value bundle will renew automatically after exhausting any of the purchased bundles, depending on the bundle type and as long as you have enough airtime to renew it.

5. Will I be able to cancel auto renewal

Yes, but you have to migrate out and if you are in the postpaid plan, then send No + Bundle code to 131.

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