Clearly, in order to share statistics and data between workplace personnel and officials, there are a lot of ways to this of which one needs a certain device that could effortlessly send messages to the department where it’s needed. This sort of data or information exchange is an important system in retaining a serene workplace environment.

Nowadays, whilst social media has taken over the arena with technology, fax appears a bit old and a medieval approach for shifting records or data. But, a few portions of facts are best feasible when you send them over a free internet fax utility.

For that cause, CocoFax is a ready software that assists you in sending fax messages out of your computer. This superior software stays matchless and is known to be used by thousands and thousands around the world. CocoFax offers a 30-day free trial to be availed at no cost and offers extensive services to the users who put their trust in its service.

To avail of the offer and use the matchless services of CocoFax, you need to signup for an account. You can always use this fax software for mac for 30 days free and cheap offers beyond!

The information provided below will provide you an insight into how you can use this software. However, you can always visit GoogleFaxfree Official to get your queries answered.


GoogleFaxfree is an affiliate site of the original online fax maestro known as CocoFax. Therefore, GoogleFaxfree plays no role in delivering or receiving your messages. All of the services stated below are bestowed by CocoFax.

CocoFax is a distinguished fax software program that, without delay, facilitates the clients and no other service matches this in the market. This software program possesses remarkably attractive functions and adjoins numerous and high-end privileges upon its valued users.

Having been featured in many big outlets such as 9to5Mac, New York Magazine, Business Insider, Digital Trends and more, you can clearly see that Google Fax is a renowned and reputed brand that is being used all around the world for its authenticity and service. To take a test of the remarkable services we provide, use CocoFax so you can always keep a check on the brilliant features of CocoFax.

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Striking Features of CocoFax

While you use the traditional fax system, numerous issues and problems stand up arbitrarily which can cause a challenge in your activity and may cause you extra money and time. To be able to deal with such problems, you want a dependable on-line fax provider that may ease all such troubles that stand as an impediment to your office needs and requirements.

CocoFax is all that you want in such instances, Laced with awesome cool features that make it distinct from all the competitors in the crowded market. Once you use this excellent software for your day by day faxes, there is no turning back.

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What Makes it Superior to All Others

1. Free Fax Numbers

With CocoFax, you are getting free fax numbers that let you exchange faxes using Gmail. is a huge software enterprise that is appeared and appreciated internationally. Soon after the allocation of your loose fax number, you come to be eligible to avail of the attractive offers by this software.

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2. Diversity In Services

CocoFax deploys all the formalities to make sure customers are contented in the coolest manner feasible in no time. Therefore, it can without problems run easily and cheaply on any running machine consisting of the MAC, home windows, IOS and Android.

3. Reliable Service

It is a recognized and dependable provider that is trusted around the world for its safety and brilliance within the discipline. The fantastic and cool capabilities code your fax messages into an encrypted message so that your privacy is maintained and made sure that no interference is observed in sending the fax.

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4. Completely Secure

It is thought to be absolutely safe and protected from the troubles that lurk in any fax system utilization. CocoFax’s provider is aware of the importance of your privatizes and employs all of the formalities to recognize your privatives. Encrypted messages are secure from any individual, company or third party employees.

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The Process Of Sending Fax

Step 1: Register Details

This service can be used for 30 days (trial without cost) to ensure the offerings that are provided are reliable and reputed among all others.

However, it’s kindly requested to maintain your G-mail identity protected and secret from any other person to keep your account safe.

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Step 2: Provide G-mail Access

CocoFax encrypts the G-mail address you prioritized and registers your account without cost. Once your account has been registered, you could now effortlessly use the service for those official data and information transfers.

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Step 3: The Setup Process

In the ‘To’ field where you normally enter the email address of the person who receives fax, you will have to enter their fax number followed by ‘’. For example, if their fax number is ‘123456’, you will need to input:” [email protected]”.

Step 4: Finishing

Once all of these formalities are fulfilled, make sure to make the best use of this facility and avail the best of its features before the time runs out.

How to Receive Fax on Gmail

Receiving is relatively less complicated, a very quick and straight to the point step. It lets you get a fax on Gmail and receive a fax on your mac. CocoFax possesses formidable abilities that make it stand tall in its space.


With the 30 days trial, you can use to the fullest, the best features offered by CocoFax. Do not forget to let us know what you think about this platform in the comment section below.


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