The fact that a lot of Windows OS users have learned to live with the short-comings of the OS isn’t new anymore. Windows isn’t an ideal operating system, it has a lot of short-comings, that makes using the OS a pain in the butt. Thanks to the competition, there are other operating systems you can try. A good example is Linux operating system. Linux operating system offers a lot more features than what the Windows operating offers. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of reasons to switch from Windows to Linux.

1. Linux is Free

Using the Windows operating system is free, this true for users who purchased their laptop or desktops with Windows operating system built in. If you desire to install a Windows operating system, on a computer that didn’t come with Windows OS built in, you will be required to pay a for the activation code. Unlike windows, using the Linux operating system is completely free.

Apart from having to pay for an activation code, the Windows app store houses a lot of paid apps, including the Microsoft office suite. Linux features thousands upon thousands of free applications. Instead of paying for MS Office, including core apps like Libre office, which can be used to prepare word documents.

2. Linux is Flexible

Despite the fact that the Windows operating system is a go too operating system for customization, over MacOS, using Linux operating system opens your eyes to the possibility of more customization.

Were you only able to customize themes and wallpapers on the Windows operating system, the Linux operating system offers a lot more. Linux provides a lot of desktop customization options.  You are offered customization setups like GNOME desktop, KDE and lots more. Customization here is limitless.

3. Linux is Secure

Think MacOS is the most secure operating system? Think again. Linux is a safer operating system to run. The Likelihood of being infected with a virus, malware, Ransomware, is extremely low on the Linux operating system when compared to MacOS and Windows operating system.

The Linux operating has been adopted by a lot of professionals today, for obvious reasons. Linux provides high fidelity insecurity. Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google currently make use of the Linux Operating system.

4. Linux is Reliable

One of the iconic problems faced by Windows users is the occasional crashing of apps, that leads to temporary disabling of the OS. However, Linux offers an entirely different system. Crashes here are kept minimal. Even you experience app crashes, it doesn’t crash the entire operating system as Windows does. Linux allows users to close offending apps from the command line, using a virtual machine. This will allow you to regain control over your desktop.

5. Linux is User-Friendly

Gone are the days when installing Linux operating system was a herculean task. Innovation and technological advancement, has made the whole process very easy. You do not have to shy away from installing Linux because of difficult, it is now very easy. You do not need any form of professional orientation.

6. Linux is Compatible With Older Hardware

Unlike operating systems like macOS and Windows, which somehow prompts you to get new hardware, to make use of the new features in total, Linux has support for a lot of old hardware.

Linux has a large number of Linux distributions designed specifically to run well on old hardware. Linux has distributions such as Peppermint OS, Lubuntu, Linux Lite, and Bohdi Linux, all designed specially to run on old hardware.

7. Linux is Easy to Upgrade

Having upgrades may sound fun, but to Windows users, the case is different. The manner upgrades are performed, has over the years become a plight to windows users. Windows requires you to reboot your machine, for upgrades to take effect. Unlike Windows OS, the Linux operating system doesn’t require you reboot your machine after an app has been upgraded. You are only asked to reboot your machine when its kernel has been updated.

8. Linux Support is Easy to Find

One of the perks of using the Linux operating system is the enormous amount of support this operating system features. Linux has a lot of online forums, groups and mailing list dedicated to helping users solve problems. The solution to problems is free, users are not required to pay any extra fee.

9. Linux Comes with Drivers

One of the challenges faced when using a Windows operating system is the continuous search for drivers. Windows operating system doesn’t come with drivers, you are required to download them separately.

Unlike the Windows operating system, Linux comes with built-in drivers, you do not have to hunt for drivers. Most of the drivers you will need are supported directly by the Linux kernel.

10. Ease of Use

being a very powerful operating system, most people have the ideology that using the Linux operating is very difficult, but in actual sense, it is a very easy thing. Linux has evolved from being complicated to be very easy. Linux is now a very easy operating system to use.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of reasons to switch from Windows to Linux. Am strongly convinced that the Linux operating system is far more powerful than the Windows operating system. If you have other contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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