Many bloggers would say that getting traffic to your blog is the most difficult part for a blogger but I can tell you that retaining the traffic and visitor you have built over time is even more difficult than getting them.
Most people would visit your blog for the first time and they would not return to your blog again, and that’s one visitor you just lost.

keeping and retaining your blogs traffic

There are tips and basic traffic retaining secrets you can implement in order to keep people coming back to your blog for more. Yes I mean what I just said.
I remember when I started out blogging, I used to get lots of visitors to my blog but my problem was keeping them glued to my blog. I tried writing more often thinking this was the solution as most newbie blogger would think, but it never helped me in retaining my blogs traffic.

In this article, i’ll guide you through my secrets to getting repeat visitors to my blog. If you can apply my various strategies which I would be listing below, you would notice a drastic change in the way your traffic would grow and this time the repeat traffic.

5 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write Detailed and Lengthy Posts

One thing most people respect about a blogger is the way he or she writes their article. Visitors tend to have this feeling of coming back to any blog that gives them a solution to their problems, and not just a solution to their problem but in a detailed and self expository manner.
I don’t necessarily mean that your blog post must be lengthy, but it must be detailed enough to give solution to the reader and this in turn would be a tool to encourage the reader to come back next time on your blog for more.

2. Newsletters List Forms Positioning

When designing your blog’s theme, try to turn your first time readers into your list in order to get repeat traffic to your blog by placing your Newsletter Opt in form below post.
You might wonder why most blog’s you visit put a subscribe to Newsletter form below post content, here is the reason. After a new visitor goes through reading a blog post on your blog, if you truly obeyed the first rule above as I said (Write Detailed and lengthy Posts), the new reader, out of excitement that he or she found the solution to a given problem or a nicely written article on your blog would likely opt in for your Newsletter List if the form is placed at the bottom. Now you see why you need to place a Subscribe to List form below your post.

With your list, you can in subsequent times send out Newsletter with links to your articles and get  those visitors coming back to your blog to read.

3. Social Media Story Telling

Just like the newsletter opt in forms, also find positions where to place your fanbox and other social networks connection so as to get a nice turn in to your social connections. Now here is how to get them to come back to read your articles.
After you make a new post on your blog, write an interesting story on your social media page, for instance write a story on your facebook fanpage related to the post you just published and give them a link to complete the story or post on your blog. Out of curiosity, most social media fan would click through the link to your blog in order to read the full post. This is one great tip to get repeat traffic to your blog.

4.  Thank Me Later and Send email only on Reply to My Comment Plugins

This one is for wordpress users, you can install the Thank Me Later Plugin on your blog and whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog and you approve it, they get a notification in their mail concerning the comment been approved with a link back to your blog where the comment is displayed. People would click through the link to view their comment live and might end up reading another article once they are on your blog.

While the Send email only on Reply to My Comment Plugin would notify the commentator when there is a reply on their comments. I love this one because I usually love replying to each and every comment on my blog, and then the commentator would receive a mail with the link to the new reply to their comments. They end up re-visiting your blog. This usually builds a community around your blog and also helps in keeping visitors to come back to your blog.

5. Create New Article From Questions By Commentators

Some people who leave a comment on your blog might ask a question on something related to the article, one thing I do in such cases is create a new article that suits the question, now I reply to the comment on my blog with a link to the newly written article. With the help of Send email only on Reply to My Comment Plugin, they would receive a mail concerning the reply, and once the are on my blog to read the reply, the follow the link to the new article. This is a simple trick to keep them coming back to your blog.

Now Your Turn

These are simple laid down rules I follow to keep visitors coming back to my blog or get repeat traffic or as you might call it. I hope you implement this tips in order to get the best.

What are your views? Let us know using the comment box below.


  1. Hi Oscar , thanks for connecting on Facebook, it’s so easy to meet people in today’s society huh? I think your content is extremely engaging, submitting and sharing your posts will only prove to bring you more readers. One element I want to bring up is revenues. It’s clear you’re trying hard to make money with Google. Perhaps. When I first landed on the site I felt overwhelmed with the ads. Personally Iv’e never been a fan of half banner ads in the contest and sidebar in the same locations. Sadly I know as well as you do it’s where the money is!

  2. Intresting blog post bro. I gat to tell you these tips are mind-blowing. I’m gonna implement them ASAP. Hope I get positive results. 😉 Thanks for sharing bro. 😀

  3. SOCIAL MEDIA STORY TELLING…..Hmmmmmm thats intersting,i have seen quite lots of bloggers doing that,but never knew it aimed at that,thanks for this Oscar

  4. Oh, Oscar again,

    what an article.

    I did not know that those plugins do help, so i wasn’t using them.

    Thanks bro, got to work of this.

  5. Incredible eye opener….but Frankie (if I may call you that), in as much as you have to write detailed and lengthy post, would it not bore the reader? Most don’t have the patience to stay long reading a lengthy post. I was thinking that the short and interesting the post, the more they would crave to read more, thereby making it into a kind of “series” post? what’s your take Frankie? Thanks

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Short and interesing works quite alright, but from experience, detailed and interesting is just the best.
      When I say lengthy articles, I mean detailed simple articles so that even dummies can understand.

  6. Hi Oscar,

    Sorry for being a little late, though am glad I made it 🙂

    Oh yes…these are great ways shared here to get visitors back to your blog. I do prefer the first method most of all…where your content is the one that attracts readers to come to your blog each time you post something, which I feel is the real and genuine way. And my lengthy posts and comments sometimes drive people to my blog, and sometimes they don’t…lol…I guess I really wouldn’t compromise on either of them because quality content or comment shared is better any day – what do you say?

    Another thing that works better for me is the Reply Me option of CommentLuv, which I prefer than the Thank me one as that’s kind of compelling readers to go the blog to read their comment, and sometimes people don’t have that kind of time. If they wish they should visit your blog, not be compelled to by this way (just my thoughts on it :))

    Creating a post from questions people might’ve asked in the comments is a nice way to help people, and anything that helps others as it’s done from the heart – always does well. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  7. Hi Oscar,
    The topic of how long a post should be to attract readers continues to have many opinions. I try writing longer post and then shorter posts. I don’t really have a conclusion yet. But I do think about it with each post that I publish. Social media buttons continue to grow on my blog. It makes it so easy to share a post that the reader values. I’m still struggling with the newsletter but realize the importance. Thanks for sharing these important tips.

  8. Hello, Mr Oscar. I really need your help. I signed up for chitika on my blog,and I’m a bit confused. Their dashboard features impressions,clicks and others.I have a lot of impressions,but a few clicks. What does this mean,and being a Nigerian,how do I get my money or request payment? Please reply by email to me. I’ll wait for your reply sir. Thanks. [email protected]

    • Hi Olakunle,
      Low CTR (Click Through Rate) is quite normal, and from what I gathered about your blog, it’s relatively young. Work on your blog traffic to increase your chances of getting more clicks. For the methods of payment on chitika, they pay via Cheque or you can select Paypal. Whichever suits you would go.
      I hope you understand, feel free to ask if not cleared. I’m glad you left your valuable comment anyway.

  9. Thank me later is indeed a great plugin that i need to implement on my blog. That way i can get at least one more hit back from the same person when he sees an email in his inbox about his comment approval.

    Have got at least 3-4 tips already from your site about making my blog more attractive to traffic. Thats in just 5 minutes. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips.

  10. Oscar,
    I think this is my first time on this blog. I can say you are doing pretty well. I love the content you provide and the design of this blog.Well done.
    You made some useful points on this post. I am 100% with you! It is so true that retaining the traffic and visitor you have built over time is MORE difficult than getting them. You just have to hold them down with quality content. Content is still KING, no doubt!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Oluwaseun,
      Getting the traffic is difficult, keeping them down is harder. I agree with your “Content is KING” approach to this. Anyway, thanks for the compliment and for finding time to leave me a comment. You rock dude.


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