For $89 on Amazon, I can comfortably say that the Treblab Z2 is one of the most amazing Active Noice Cancelling headphones you can lay your hands on. Now, starting a review with a line that hails the product in question is not something I rarely do, and this means the product delivers the value it promises. Let’s first off get the quick specs for the Treblab Z2 out of the way.

I made a detailed Youtube Review of the Treblab Z2 on my youtube channel as can be seen below. You might want to check it out, otherwise, you can continue with the written review here.

Treblab Z2 Quick Specs Overview

  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • 40mm Driver
  • Up to 35 hours usage and 3 hours to charge up
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • AptX support

Unboxing/Box Items

The Z2’s come in nice packaging and within the box, you see the following.

  • A nice looking carry case (other items below are found in the carry case)
  • User manual
  • 1m 3.5mm jack cord
  • 1.5ft Micro-USB cable
  • The Headphone itself

Design and Build Quality

The design you get with the Z2’s is an over the ear headphone that swivels but doesn’t fold down and this makes it into a headphone that can be laid with the ear-cups facing down on a flat surface. As far as the band goes, it is very flexible, of durable quality and the most amazing aspect about the earcups is how comfortable it feels on the ear. It is actually mushy, it’s made of soft material and you do not feel any form of clamping effect when you have these headphones on. You might want to know that it is rated at IPX4 water resistance, meaning it can withstand splashes.

While still talking about the design, the Logo design on the earcup has a polarizing effect on people, you either like it or hate it, there’s no in-between. I love the white lines over the earcups, but a couple of friends say they like something that looks subtle, and thankfully, there is an option to get the Treblab Z2 in a black logo design.

Now, when it comes to the controls on here, they are basic and straight forward with the right side having the Volume controls which also double as next/previous keys, the middle button that acts as power/play/pause/pick call/pairing button. While still on the right ear cup, you also see the mouthpiece opening, LED, aux port and the micro-USB 2.0 port for charging. The left earcup on the other hand houses the Active Noise Cancelling switch and an LED to indicate when it’s turned ON or OFF.

Sound Quality

Let me start this section by saying that, if you need a bass-heavy and punchy headphone, this might not be for you. No doubt the Treblab Z2 is a great sounding pair of headphone, but it does not over push the bass as many other cheap headphones would, it sounds almost so perfect and I noticed that the sweet spot in my test was having the volume level somewhere around 80% with the 40mm driver you get on here. You also have AptX support for devices that have this available.

If you want more punchy bass and brighter sounding audio on the Treblab Z2, I’d say you should turn on the ANC. This brings me to the Active Noise Cancelling on here. It cuts down the environmental sound to a degree by taking up the levels on the headphone. I’m not a huge advocate for ANC while listening to music as it tends to mess up with the EQ in my opinion, so I stick to the normal with ANC turned OFF and the only times I tend to use ANC here is while watching videos. More so, the Active Noise Cancelling feature on the Z2 tends to drain your battery faster.

When it comes to the Mic, I tend to prefer the microphone on the 3.5mm jack cord as it sounds better than the on-board mic. The cord saves the day when you are out of battery on this headphone and need to use it with a device. One more thing about the Bluetooth connection here is being able to connect between 2 Bluetooth devices and switch seamlessly.


The battery here is amazing and it promises 35-hour of use. I usually end up charging my pair of Z2s once a week, during the weekend and that’s because I use this headphone alternatively between Bluetooth and the cable connection. The only time you see a massive deep in battery-life is when you use the ANC feature on them, otherwise, it has great battery life.


Like I made mention earlier, the Treblab Z2 is the best value gym headphones with ANC for $89 I have tested till date (as at the time of making this review). I had to get a deal for you guys from the guys at Treblab and you can get a unit for 15% OFF using the coupon code Oscarmini15. Here’s a link to get the TREBLAB Z2.


My final thoughts on the Treblab Z2 pair of ANC cancelling headphones would be, it is one of the best entry pair of headphones into active noise cancelling game and gets you great value for money at what it’s priced, especially for a pair of gym headphones.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments and questions you’d love to ask about the Treblab Z2 as I’d be glad to answer them.


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