Birmingham is the largest town in Alabama, the center of industry and commerce. With its metropolitan area, it has a population of over 1.1 million. With a rich history in the Heart of Dixie, the city offers many romantic opportunities for visiting couples. From numerous city attractions, amazing food scene to a rich calendar of events. You can enjoy outdoor activities, vibrant nightlife, or explore the town’s industrial and civil rights history.

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Date ideas Birmingham AL 

Why not start in the Deep South? Birmingham Botanical Garden is close to downtown. Within the 67-acre park, you can see a large glass conservatory, rose garden, and other themed parts of the park dedicated to various plant types. Popular sections include Gardens of Nature, Gardens of Culture, and Japanese garden. 

For more romantic hikes, go to the Railroad Park, a large public green space with three small lakes and ponds. With a mix of lawn space, shaded parts, and a few trails with an excellent view of the city, this is a perfect break from the heat of the city. The park also hosts many events, especially during the summer. 

The city has a couple of outstanding museums like the Birmingham Museum of Art. Among 20,000 works, you can find European, native, and Modern American collections and Asian and African art Exhibitions. 

A bit different type of museum is Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, where famous race driver George Barber collected vintage motorcycles. There are more than 1,400 bikes and 2.38 miles racetrack where you test your driving skills. 

Birmingham played a significant role in the last century Civil Right movement. Notable places to visit include Civil Rights Institute in the Civil Rights Districts, where you can learn about confrontations and battling segregation. You can also visit the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, a place bombed by the Ku Klux Klan in 1963, which sparked changes in law and helped the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Things for couples to do in Birmingham 

Couples that need a perfect selfie setting can go to the Vulcan Park and Museum on top of the Red Mountain. You can enjoy amazing views of the city and check out the sizeable 56-foot statue of the Roman god of fire Vulcan cast from 100,000 pounds of iron.

Explore the downtown, visit Pepper place, and discover excellent shopping area, drinking coffee at Red Cat Coffee House or check Winter Farmers” Market. The city has vibrant craft beer scenes, and if you like this beverage, go on a breweries tour. Most notable craft beer places include Avondale, Red Hills, and Ghost Train Brewing Co. The latter also offers live music on some nights.

Romance and food go along excellent. If you want a short break from sightseeing, try food from famous Birmingham food trucks that offer exceptional street food. 

Romantic restaurants Birmingham AL 

If you like a more romantic sit-down type of meal, you are in the right place. The food scene is well known in the whole world. Try Southern Cuisine in one of Frank Stitt restaurants like Bottega Restaurant or Chez Fonfon. Try award-winning cuisine at Hot and Hot Fish Club or take a break from shopping at Pepper Place with lunch in OvenBird. 

Other notable restaurants include CafĂ© Dupont, Italian places Bettola and Gianmarco’s. Bamboo on 2nd, FodBar, and Dyron’s Lowcountry are famous places in the city.

Birmingham al landmarks 

After a great meal, you are ready for the final tour of Birmingham’s landmarks. Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark will lead you back to the industrial history of the town. Rainbow LED tunnel is a fun place downtown, where you can also find Heaviest Corner on Earth, where the four tallest buildings in the South were built at the same time at the beginning of the 20th century.

Before you start planning Deep South, itinerary check esta application status. Although the administration usually approves travel authorization within three days, always side with the side of caution. Once you get the ESTA approval, you will have a two-year window to visit the US.

Bottom line

Birmingham has excellent weather for most of the year. Couples can enjoy romantic walks in and around the city in State Parks, take pictures from scenic viewpoints, or explore museums, world-class restaurants, and shopping areas. The city has several notable museums and a great bar and breweries scene. Grab a bite of Southern food in the Heart of Dixie, and romance will flow. 


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