Unlike several years ago, kids nowadays are growing up surrounded by the newest technology. Therefore, is it any wonder that there are several smartwatches for kids in the market? Undoubtedly, kids are not required to keep track of their health since they’re active enough already.

But in a few cases, sick and unhealthy kids can significantly benefit from health and fitness trackers. So as to motivate and nudge kids to play outside and exercise regularly, smartwatches can be really useful; this does not necessarily mean that parents have to purchase as costly a smartwatch as Fitbit Charge 2 for their kids though.

Excitingly, there are lots of fantastic smartwatches available in the market today that have some exciting health tracking and fun features. Your kids can undoubtedly benefit from these fun-filled and exciting smartwatches.

Under the category of kids, you will find an ample variety of high-quality smartwatches that are not just fashionable in style but are equally functional. That being said, below are the top 3 smartwatches for kids you should absolutely buy for your children.

Best SmartWatches For Kids in 2019

Fitbit Versa

There are many instances of extreme obesity in children these days. It is of utmost importance that these kids keep track of their health and deal with the diseases so as to grow up properly.

For such children, the Fitbit Verse is definitely the best choice. This wonderful smartwatch for kids has a lot of exciting fitness apps and features, which can motivate and inspire your kid to exercise more and keep track of it.

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Furthermore, you can also consult with health experts on the official website and make a fitness plan for your child by simply putting in his/her data. Below are some other vital reasons why you should get the Fitbit Versa for your kids’ right this moment.

  • The smartwatch has different modes such as swimming mode and cycling mode, which are specialized for respective activities
  • It equally shows text messages, phone calls, and email messages on the display but you’re required to connect your phone with it
  • It’s perfect for kids’ fitness tracking, and can also monitor count steps, heart rate, etc.
  • It comes with lots of customizable colours and bands
  • It equally offers alarms, weather checks, and other notifications
  • You can get it for just $199 on Amazon

LG GizmoGadget Smartwatch

This smartwatch for kids has ample useful features and is perhaps the best kids smartwatch currently in the market. It features a helpful fitness tracking app, which can help your kid to get enough exercise.

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Apart from that, it equally lets your kid make phone calls without using a smartphone but more than that; it can be used to keep track of your kid’s location in case of any unforeseen circumstances, this is because it has an inbuilt GPS.

Below are some of the best features of LG Gizmo Gadget:

  • With this smartwatch, your kid can make up to 10 phone calls, text messages and email messages, although you’ll have to purchase a data plan for it
  • It is excellent for keeping in touch with your kids
  • It has some useful health apps that offer basic fitness tracking to inspires your child to exercise more
  • The smartwatch is equally waterproof and comes in different shades. Plus, the smartwatch has a chic design that kids will definitely love
  • It similarly has a GPS system which can notify you of your kid’s location at any time
  • You can get it from Amazon for just $150 approximately

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

The two smartwatches mentioned above are suitable for both teenagers and younger children alike – but if you’re looking for a smartwatch for your pre-adolescent child, then the Orbo kids smartwatch should be your best choice. The smartwatch boasts of more fun features such as music and games.

Asides that, you can equally take pictures with the watch – your kid will absolutely have fun with this gadget. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can connect it with your smartphone to receive phone calls and also consume your media.

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Below are some remarkable features of this great kids smartwatch:

  • The watch has lots of interactive features such as a calculator, timer, pedometer, etc. to keep your kid occupied
  • It also has a number of educational activities, which focuses on sharpening memory, audio and visual reflexes
  • It comes with an inbuilt picture editing apps and rotation camera
  • It equally has a seducing design which pre-adolescent kids would certainly like. It comes in two primary colours, blue and pink which is suitable for both boys and girls
  • Apart from all that, you can equally listen and store music on the internal storage in the smartwatch
  • Orbo Kids Smartwatch sells on Amazon for just $44

There you have it all. These are undeniably the 3 of the most trending smartwatches for kids right now; your children will undoubtedly love you if you could get them any of these watches. Have you tried any of them for your kids before? We would like to know your thought about them.

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