Short-structure video social media app TikTok has entered into a multi-year licensing partnership with the Southern African Music Rights Organization and Composers Authors and Publishers Association.

The arrangement will see enrolled South African artists getting royalties each time their songs are used on the app. These streaming royalties are determined by use and market share.

The deal 

TikTok has declared a multi-year partnering arrangement that covers 58 regions across the African mainland.

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The arrangement will see South African lyricists, authors, and music distributors earn royalties when their music is used on the video-sharing social media app which is only getting more and more reach worldwide.

TikTok Community waxing strong in South Africa

TikTok is assessed to have in excess of 6,000,000 uses in South Africa, as indicated by the 2020 SA Social Media Landscape report.

The well-known application has gone up in excess of two billion worldwide downloads since its unveiling in 2016, dominating Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

The app permits clients to transfer and share short-structure recordings – typically restricted to 15 seconds – which are aired with bits of mainstream music. 

#Jerusalema Challenge Popularity Fuelled by TikTok

Jerusalema, a song created by local Music Star;  Master KG, turned into a TikTok sensation in 2020. The #Jerusalema dance challenge generated recordings that were seen over a billion times and aided Master KG to top the music charts severally in Belgium and Switzerland. Following Jerusalema’s success and TikTok’s steadily gaining worldwide popularity.

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Southern African Music Rights Organization (Samro) and Composers Authors and Publishers Association (Capasso) arrived at a licensing agreement with the organization. The multi-year partnership deal will see enlisted artists accepting commissions by means of Capasso, which has in excess of 7,000 individuals. 

Two different entertainment groups collaborate to for the deal to materialize

In spite of the fact that Capasso and Samro are two separate groups, they license digital use jointly, and artists need to be members of both organizations to reap the benefits of the latest deal. There are no information exchange or enrollment expenses while enlisting with Samro.

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Capasso has an organization expense of R100 for artists and R250 for their distributers. The licensing deal with Capasso and Capasso in Africa comes after TikTok signed an “expanded” global licensing agreement with Universal Music Group in February. Sony Music and Warner Music Group entered into similar licensing agreements with TikTok in November and December, respectively.

Talking points

We are happy to have reached an agreement with TikTok in order to ensure that pan African songwriters are taken care of on the platform,” says Wiseman Ngubo, Capasso’s chief operations officer.

With the increasing spotlight on African music, more African songwriters are poised to reach global superstar status and TikTok will play a major role in showcasing their talents to the world.” 

Streaming royalty calculations are not based on a fixed rate per stream, rather they are based on what is termed a pro-rata share of the available pool,” Ngubo told Business Insider South Africa about the size of royalties artists are due to receive. “This means, in essence, royalties are determined by one’s market share, as determined by usage, in each period.


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