It is no surprise these days that lots of people are sitting in their homes and saving lots of time by shopping online, posting updates, keeping your calculations on the cloud and lot more. But do we really mind our online security and safety?

how to protect yourself online

Infact, we are now doing everything on Internet, this mass shift has increased the need for safety on the Internet since there are virtual thieves and scammers. You will find lot of interruption on every online activity but it is your responsibility to stay safe online by staying away from such dangerous counters, as tracking them would be tedious in most of the cases.

Technically, we need to be fit to stay safe online and we need to know what exactly we want. Whenever you go online and surf through various sites, do comments, your IP address will be tracked and listed, which is visible to the admin of that site. If you are visiting a prominent websites which are famous and safe with the https URL, that is fair, unless you go blindly and pay your money to the wrong person with same URL but little unnoticeable change in the domain, for ex: is different from unless owner of the both sites are same.

Here are various things to look out for your online privacy and safety


These are the main threats for PC and Internet, this is a piece of code which knows to hi-jack you from the prominent process. Malware’s are capable of stealing the information and sending the same to hackers who have deployed it for the malfunction of system to take advantage of loopholes in the Internet. It is not so difficult to identify these malwares with Anti-virus software installed but sometimes Malwares are so wise to mask even these too. However, once you notice or suspect something unusual happening, do clean out your system and keep out from clicking suspicious links online. It would keep you safe on the internet.

Protecting your Password

Why it is important to keep your password and pin numbers secret despite you being the only sole user on the device. Yes, it is important to keep it secret as someone from distance might be targeting your personal account with lot of tricks out there to play. One easy solution to these problems is to use verification sign-in for safe and secure activity. Old advise of composing your password with various characteristics should not be neglected.

Using Internet in secured network places

Well, we all keep on checking in most of the times on Internet and we use public networks in various places wherever we go, I don’t suspect everything but here is the catch and possibility of misusing your online activity and data. Hence make sure that you login only when you think the Wi-Fi connection is from trusted party.


This is the place where everything happens, the online activity, and we should be so specific in sticking to a browser. In the past we have witnessed few cases where security bugs in IE browser was unable to protect users from illegal activities but later got fixed, so the web standards in recent years. But still hackers have come up with various tricks to trap users, they have mastered the art of fishing below average Internet users with scam java codes and cookies. This is whole a part to study and you may have to consider looking at top Web Browsers for Android to know more.

I hope you enjoyed this safety tips article for the internet users. If you got any important tip for us to stay safe online, do share it with your valuable comments below.


  1. Really learned a lot form this. Malwares are really dangerous, using a trusted and updated anti virus helps protect your privacy.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for this useful article as your link to the perfect password creation was a useful one. Do have a nice day.


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