I recently wrote an article on this blog in which I discussed the various reasons why you should take your blog as your business and invest money into your blog. One major reason you must bear in mind is that the ROI in blogging is quite fast and fat. If you have considered investing some few box into your blog to move your blog to the next level, then this article is for you.
things to invest and spend money for on your blog
In this detailed sequel to the above mentioned link, I will outline the basic things you need and should invest your money on for your blog.

Places To Invest Money For My Blog

1. Domain Name

For those bloggers who already have a custom domain for their blogs, then skip this point to the second point, if not, then read on. This is usually the first thing every blogger needs to purchase if you consider a serious blogging career. If you wish to gather a community around your blog and money from your blog, you should start thinking of purchasing a domain name for it (that’s if you run a blogspot.com or wordpress.com blog). It won’t more than $10, and most times there are coupon codes for $1 domains.

2. Good Hosting

This is one major thing that can destroy your reputation as a blogger. If you run your blog on webhost companies that are not stable, then you would be out of business as your clients might not find you available most times they may need your services. It is advisable you pay higher amounts to renowned and better host companies than leave your blog to the fate of web hosts that would always throw your blog offline.

3. Themes

One thing I have noticed over the years is that design really plays a major role in the way people would value your blog. There is an old saying that goes; “You are address by the way you dress”, and this is also applicable to blogging. The more beautiful and easy to load your blog’s theme is, the higher your chances of getting deals from clients. You do not need to know how to design a website, you can pay web developers to create a unique styled theme or simply buy premium themes and watch it’s effect on your blog. More-so, Google loves fast loading blogs and your theme determines the load speed of your blog.

4. Logo

If you want to make your blog stand out of the crowd, then uniqueness is one thing to look out for. Have you considered creating a brand for yourself? There are lots of crazy logo designers out there that charge at cheap rates to design a logo, you can hook them and start creating a brand for yourself. Making your blog unique doesn’t stop at your content qualities but should be extended to your blog brand.

5. Plugins

Plugins make things a lot easier if you run wordpress blog, and there are lots of Premium plugins that can help you achieve a whole lot of things out that would improve and gain your blog more exposure. Some premium plugins such as Comluv, SEOPressor a lots of others. Make a Google search of premium plugins to choose the ones that match what you have been searching for.

6. SEO

I know Google hates it when you pay people to link to your blog, but what if you do not have enough time to do Guest Blogging and Blog commenting. You can hire an SEO firm that would help you do your Off Page SEO while you generate the content ideas. Investing your money on White Hat SEO is not necessarily a wrong approach and it gives you an edge over others because your blogs PageRank and Alexa Ranking improves.

7. Traffic

I am one of those bloggers who subscribe to the school of thought that support paying to get traffic. Moreover, traffic is the key to success of any blog, the higher your traffic, the higher your chances of getting clients. Try using Facebook sponsored posts to promote your articles and also Google Adwords. These platforms help you reach to your target audience and improves your blog traffic naturally as time goes by.

Now Your Turn

Investing money into your blog is one major way to get your blog out of where it is now to the next level and spending your money on the above listed points is the key to successful blogging. I hope you invest your money on your blog today. Happy Blogging.


  1. Agree with all the points, a good webhosting is one of the best thing for investment.We can easily start a new with only $100. Check out this steps for it
    1). I will buy elegantthemes for $39
    2).A Hostgator Hosting

    I still some bucks left…

    • That’s a cool method you outlined here Himanshu, and it’s below a $100. Investing in one’s blog is a most do if you consider blogging a business. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Good hosting is very necessary boss, i have seen blogs having several problems due to bad host,seo and traffic too are important. nice points boss i really love the way you hit the nail on the head.tnx for sharing.

  3. I quite agree with in all you have highlighted here, and also as one the commenters said, “Good hosting is very necessary boss, i have seen blogs having several problems due to bad host,seo and traffic too are important”.
    Keep posting values!

  4. I agree with you but here are some other tools I will also invest in.
    1. A mobile subscription plugin, i.e. a plugin that allows me gather the mobile numbers (and emails) of my visitors.

    2. A mobile theme based plugin or mobile version of my blog site.

    • Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms and even top bloggers make use of it. But the truth still remains that, you do not own the blog in question as Google can mark your blog as spam and delete it whenever they wish.

  5. Your list makes for a good investment for the already established blogger. The reality is that most new bloggers struggle to put up the cash to pay for domain and hosting, whic to them is most important. In my opinion, after these two, all a newbie Blogger should fight hard to do is create enough content and share them to the social media of choice.


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