Simpliest way to add a sitemap widget to your blogger blog

The importance of sitemap in blogosphere cannot be over emphasized. Today, we are going to talk about how to easily add sitemap to your blogger blog. But before we proceed, we would like to discuss on some importance of sitemap on your blog.

Below are some Importance:

*. It makes navigation on your blog easier.
*. It makes your blog have a better visibility on search engines.
*. It helps inform search engines about changes made on your blog.
*. It helps classify your site contents by Labels..
And many More Importance..

Not taking much of your time, let us rush to the topic of the day.

Follow the steps below to add this widget to your blogger blog.

1. Goto Your blogger dashboard.
2. Select the blog you wanna add this widget to. Navigate to pages and create New Blank Page.
3. In the Title, Put ‘Sitemap’ then in the Content, add the Below piece of code

<script src=””> </script><script src=””></script>

Then Publish!! Check your Blog and Test!!