With the rate at which online streaming’s popularity is increasing daily, there has also been an increase in the portals and applications that aid you to stream content with zero complications. Right now, to view the content from several sources, it requires you have a centralized media player and this is where Kodi steps in.

Kodi has been one of the most used open source media centers and we must say that is well deserved. It lets you stream all kinds of content including videos, music, games and so on. All this, on devices across several platforms.

However, Kodi will only aid you to stream content from different sources, you still need to use add-ons. In this article, we explore a list of best Kodi Repository.

1. Super Repo

Best Kodi RepositoryOr Superrepo, like it is popularly called, is definitely a famous Kodi repository. It possesses every other Kodi add-on you can possibly imagine. Asides add-ons, it also has enticing Kodi skins. To shock you, Superrepo has several sub-repositories too which ensures it is regarded as one of the largest Kodi repositories. Every add-on is categorized so that users can locate their preferred add-ons easily. Some popular add-ons that can be installed from Suer Repo Kodi repository include SkyNet, FilmOn, DramaGo, Specto Fork.

2. Kodil Repo

Best Kodi Repository

Another brilliant Kodi repository option with lots of add-ons that are uncountable. With Kodil Repo, you can locate add-ons of several genres like movies, news, sports, tv shows and so on. You are even able to view live games and movies via add-ons in the repository. Every add-on is arranged in an alphabetical manner so there will be no trouble finding your favorite add-on. Kodi users of United States, United Kingdom, and Canada are familiar with Kodil Repo. Some add-ons you can install include Fox Sports, Nemesis, StreamHub, Peaky Blinders, Exodus, Covenant, Elysium, Placenta, 123 Movies.

3. All Eyez On Me

Best Kodi RepositoryIt is a new Kodi repository with several add-ons. Locating add-ons related to live tv, music, live sports, kids content, documentaries, and many popular movies and TV shows in it is quite seamless. Add-ons like Genesis Reborn, Indigo, YouTube, FilmOn and Disney Junior can be accessed here. This repository runs smoothly and it does not possess any broken add-ons.

4. Kodibae

Best Kodi Repository

This Kodi repository is quite popular right now, plus it has managed to do great things even if the programmer behind it is still a newbie.

One main reason for its popularity is the availability of popular Kodi add-ons like Exodus and Covenant. After going missing for a while, both add-ons returned with Kodibae. Other add-ons include 9Anime, cloud TV, SportsDevil.

5. Kodinerds.net

Image result for Kodinerds.net

Still on the topic of best Kodi repository, Kodinerds.net  Legal and entertaining Kodi Repository.  It hosts several legal Kodi add-ons that cannot be seen in the official Kodi repository. Its owners are Germans called “Kodinerds”, so must of the add-ons cater for the German audience. But these add-ons can be accessed by using a VPN. Some of the featured add-ons are DAZN, DailyMotion, NASA, SkyGo, VEVO TV, Youtube Music.

6. TVAddons.co Repository

Recently felt the wrath of the law for hosting pirated content, it was offline for a while, but right back in our faces like Real Madrid’s Marcelo. Right now, all add-ons present in it are legal and safe to use.

You are also able to install an add-on that is found on GitHub with the Git Browser that comes bundled with the Kodi repo. Add-ons in it include Jango, Mr.Bean, UFO TV, USTV Now, Film On Simple.

7. Supremacy

Image result for Supremacy kodi repository

Sports lovers will fancy this one. It is the home of sports-related add-ons. Also, you get to download many live Tv and IPTV add-ons from the repository. It has been here a while and it gets regular updating from its developers. Popular add-ons in it include Aspis, Plane MMA SportsDevil, Atriox, Sublime, The Magic Dragon.

8. Maverick TV Repository

Home to Kodi addons including the ones for viewing films tv shows and series. However, it does not have so many add-ons, but you will still find some quality ones. Popular add-ons in it are JukeboxHero, Now Music USA, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon, Joker Sports.

9. Lazy Kodi Repo

Image result for Lazy Kodi Repo

This is a repository with a vast collection of repositories so there is no need to keep including your sources all the time. It makes you lazy, as it does all that work for you. It is one of the best Kodi repositories this year and has several choices on display.

Lazy Kodi Repo owns no add-on and only hosts files. So do not expect it to shut down anytime soon. Some of its popular add-ons are Illuminati Repo, Supremacy Repo, TVAddons Repo, Maverick Repo, Sandman Repo.

10. AJ Repository

Image result for AJ Repository

This is a new one that hosts add-ons for streaming live sports events, live TV, films and famous TV series. There are limited add-ons but the quality of the ones on it are magnificent. Add-ons are neatly placed in categories to ensure your searching is seamless. Falcon Ultra TV, Eyasses, Cryptic, Champion Sports are all present on it as add-ons.

There you have it – A comprehensive list of best Kodi repository. If you have personal favorites, let us know in the comment section below. we would love to hear from you.


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