Gadgets keep getting released every day and a lot of them are blessed with unimaginable and unbelievable features. If you are not aware, there are lots of devices that you never knew were important until you came across them. Let’s show you a few options in our list of 7 Unbelievable Gadgets You Never Thought You Needed:

1. Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV:

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV
Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV

This TV set comes with an edgeless screen that makes it look like pictures are suspended in midair.

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Also, when you power it off, it immediately appears like a piece of glass, therefore it will not affect the decoration in your room in any way. On top of that, instead of using a back panel, it contains all its components in the base.

2. Moona Active Cooling Pillow Pad:

Moona Active Cooling Pillow Pad
Moona Active Cooling Pillow Pad

This bedtime gadget possesses an active thermo regulation system that ensures your pillow remains cool throughout the night. This definitely helps you sleep quicker and it aids the prevention of night sweats. It is not so expensive as well.

3. Ring Always Home Cam Security Drone:

Why You Should Be Very Skeptical of Ring's Indoor Security Drone - IEEE Spectrum

This drone has one job and one job only, it helps to watch over your property while you are not physically around.

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It is a camera that simply flies around your home and records images of the happenings there. Its collision-avoidant tech also ensures it does not run into things.

4. JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment:

JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment
JAXJOX InteractiveStudio Home Fitness Equipment

With this amazing equipment, you can ensure all your weights are neat and organized at all times. This weight stand simply helps to replace 6 kettlebells, 15 dumbbells, and up to 142 pounds of adjustable weights. It also comes with a push-up bar and foam roller.

5. McLEAR Ring Contactless Payment Wearable:

McLear Ring, a contactless payment ring | Near future

This is another brilliant gadget that simply allows you to make safe payments without needing to pull out your wallet or touch a keypad. This is definitely useful amid the coronavirus pandemic when everything has to be properly sanitized before they are touched.

6. LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb:

LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb
LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb

This is a lovely gadget that helps to sanitize surfaces and get rid of bacteria faster than you expect.

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LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb simply emits high-energy violet light to destroy microbes such as coli and staphylococcus aureus anytime you want.

7. Panasonic Komoru Private Home Cubicle:

Panasonic's Komoru is an all-in-one desk and office cubicle for working at home

With this useful gadget, you can section off a corner of your house as office space as soon as possible. This office gadget comes with a desk and partition that can be assembled seamlessly to give the privacy you crave while you work.

More Information On Gadgets:

A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos.

In the software industry, “Gadget” refers to computer programs that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched for each one, but instead run in an environment that manages multiple gadgets.

There are several implementations based on existing software development techniques, like JavaScript, form input, and various image formats.

The earliest documented use of the term gadget in context of software engineering was in 1985 by the developers of AmigaOS, the operating system of the Amiga computers (intuition.library and also later gadtools.library).

It denotes what other technological traditions call GUI widget—a control element in graphical user interface. This naming convention remains in continuing use (as of 2008) since then.

It is not known whether other software companies are explicitly drawing on that inspiration when featuring the word in names of their technologies or simply referring to the generic meaning.

The word widget is older in this context. In the movie “Back to School” from 1986 by Alan Metter, there is a scene where an economics professor Dr. Barbay, wants to start for educational purposes a fictional company that produces “widgets: It’s a fictional product.”

There you have it –  a comprehensive list of 7 unbelievable gadgets you never thought you needed. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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