Today’s tutorial,I’ll be teaching you how to watch dstv for free on your pc. I know how you’ll feel watching dstv live on your computer for free, it sure is gonna be an awesome experience. A friend of mine has been doing this for a couple of days now, without delaying any time i will tell you how to do this.

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1.Well working personal computer (Pc)
2. Vlcmedia player (version 2.0.2)
3.Super sports Tv enabler
4.Two eyes for watching. Lol!
Guidelines on how to stream Dstvsupersport on pc

Download and install the vlc media player(2.0.2) on its defaultstorage location(i.e do not alter the storage location when installing) if not present on yourPC already

  • Set the vlc player as the default media player Downloaded super sport Tv enabler to a special folder on your desktop for easy location
  • On the extracted file, right click on the ssld icon and click onRun as administrator.
  • When runned, select from the options, the desired event to bestreamed.
  • Wait a while for it to automatically pop open the VLC player and starts streaming after a little buffering.

Thats all, enjoy 🙂


  1. This is cool, now I can watch my favorite channels like E! at no cost. Got the above requirements in place and ready to try it. If this works, then all I’ll do all day is lock myself indoors, just I and my pc.


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