Fine, we’ve covered a lot about Glo Data Plans in the past and even shared with you guys how you can easily share your data plans with your family and friends as long as you are on the Glo Network. But have you stopped to wonder the demerits of this?

Of course, sharing of data plan with family and friends is something most people would love to do, it would hurt to realize that at some point, someone takes your phone and adds themselves without your consent.

Know who is using your glo data

You can as well monitor your data balance on Glo and obviously track your usage, but in situations where you need to know for sure if someone else is sharing your data, here’s the guide you need.

How To Know Who Is Using/Sharing Your Glo Data

It is quite simple to find out who has been on your list of numbers sharing your data using a simple USSD code on the Glo network. Follow the below steps

  • Simply dial *127*00# from your Glo number and the list would be displayed to you.

Now you know who is on your list of data consumers. Do you wish to remove some numbers from the list of people sharing your data bundle? We’ve got you covered with the link below.

I hope you did find this post helpful. 


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