Blogging has positively affected the lives of a lot of people all across the world. It has given them a medium to communicate and also express themselves in their own style.

In fact, with the advent of various design and tutorial blogs, blogging has not been limited to just a personal expression of self, but have now become the means for educating, disseminating knowledge and a lot more.

If you have been caught up by the blogging bug (which is just so awesome anyway) read ahead and discover how WordPress is going to contribute towards your journey as a blogger and get the best out of your blogging prowess; but first, a few essentials:

Essential Checklist before Starting Your Blog


One does not simply wake up one fine morning and decide to start with a blog. Although we love the randomness and abstractness of the process, yet in order to enjoy long lasting success and exploit the various features of the blogging world to the fullest, it would do us good to follow a checklist; we have put together a few essentials below

  • Having a clear idea for the concept and niche of the blog
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  • Having a definite choice of the blogging platform
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  • Deciding between free or paid hosting – consider the liberty and monetizing attribute of a paid service, as against the restriction of a free one.

  • Decide upon how and who is going to promote the blog – you on your own, you along with your group of chums, or would you hire the process to experts?
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  • Is collaboration on the cards, as WordPress allows you to collaborate your efforts with a lot of other expert bloggers, specializing in their niche and hence allows you to create something truly mind-boggling in the entire process.

These were the basic key points that we could think of, got more? Get them rolling in the comments box, situated at the end of this post.

WordPress as an Advantageous Blogging Platform

The reason which the experts believe contributed significantly towards the colossal popularity of WordPress was that it was actually a very focused and streamlined solution to a specific problem. WordPress, as a fastidious PHP framework, actually started off as a blog publishing platform, allowing various users at enterprise and individual levels to exploit fully the benefits of blogging.

It was only later that the development community from all across the globe realized the worth of this amazing and exceedingly user friendly platform, and started using it as a customized CMS (content management system) for developing websites.

Now, although the platform has undergone various meticulous and significant updates and revisions, it is still an ace in the field of blog publishing, owing to its various features like ease of use, extensive scalability, WYSIWYG editor, plugin architecture, extensive library of easily customizable WordPress themes and a lot more.

Below, we are going to discuss another highly potent features, which the WordPress CMS provides to bloggers and site owners, that has a special reference for various ambitious and ‘hard to be pleased’ bloggers.

WordPress as an amazing Collaboration Tool

If you are new to the online world, you might not be really aware of how much collaboration has grown in the recent years, but irrespective of it, the fact remains that Collaboration is the latest in thing, allowing different bloggers with different niches to come together under one roof and develop something thoroughly superior and spectacular.

If you have not yet gone over the board with the development of the blog, you might want to take a moment off and decide if it is a blog or a collaboration platform that you have been looking for all this while. Besides, the beauty of this all is that you don’t have to choose – you can do both.

There are various features of WordPress which supports easy collaborations and allows different bloggers to work on a single content and develop something quite extensive and diverse. With WordPress, you can save your content in the draft mode, allowing your fellow bloggers to login and make the changes and modifications which they desire. Besides, with this particular platform, you can also plan the publication of different blog posts, thus, a blogger can develop various posts as per his convenience and schedule the publication of the same accordingly, keeping in mind the schedules of various other writers. Hence, this platform gives you ample space and liberty to manage the work and develop a strategy around working with different bloggers. You may go through the essential details of developing a collaboration platform with WordPress here

Certain Definitive WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

And speaking about extensibility, here we shall discuss various WordPress plugins which the bloggers may benefit from and use to assist them in taking better charge of their blog.

Below we have mentioned various plugins and have discussed what each one does for your blog; read through each one of them and eventually select a limited few plugins, as over using the same would be like a sweet poison for your blog.

  • All in one SEO pack – to take care of and provide the maximum exposure of your blog to various search engines and ascertains steady levels of organic traffic to your blog.

  • W3 Total Cache – we are hopeful that your blog is going to grow and enjoy mind boggling levels of daily readership, but before that happens you should get the W3 Total Cache plugin in place, in order to let the increasing popularity of your blog put very little stress on the server and provide a cached copy of the blog to every other visitor.

  • Related posts – assembles various related posts at the end of the content, and hence allows your readers to stay glued to your blog.

  • Broken Link Checker – The plugin goes through the contents of your blog and let you know if there exists a broken link, so that you can go right ahead and fix the same. Hence, the plugin contributes towards easy connectivity and superior services.

  • WP Touch or WordPress Mobile Pack – access your blog from your smart phone and do the changes and updates while on the go, with this mobile centric WP plugin.

  • Workflowy – an amazing tool, especially for busy bloggers, Workflowy allows them to organize to-do lists, keep a journal, plan an event such as a wedding etc, and also assists the bloggers in collaborating their efforts on a particular project.

  • CollabPress – it provides amazing project management and collaboration capabilities to the blog, allowing the admin to create different projects, schedule them and assign the same to different users.

  • WP Complete Backup – once you get your blog live and functional, you are going to lose out on the peaceful night’s sleep, worrying about the security and well being of your blog. The world has grown to become quite a conflicted place today, and hence it is better to get WP Complete Backup plugin, which will keep the content on your blog safe and secure, instead of adopting more of a curative methodology.

  • Akismet – a meticulous and well renowned WordPress plugin to protect the blog against spam and other such unhealthy elements.

An End Note

Hence, we have discussed in detail about the multi disciplinary blogging aspects of WordPress. Now, you have the free reins. Discover your options, get in touch with us to learn more and or simply get chatty here, and manifest your dream of owning a blog. And if you have got anything to add to this discussion, please feel welcomed to do the same in the comments box below.


  1. What i think is that wordpress is the best platform for bloggers as its very easy to create a blog with WordPress and there is no need to spend lots of money to website designers as lots of free themes are available . Moreover its seo friendly and we can use plugins for on page optimization also . Best information shared by you 🙂

  2. I just saw an infographic which says that 80% of travel bloggers prefer WordPress.I have heard similar opinions from peers who are focusing different niches.Wordpress has a unique space in the consciousness of blogosphere.

  3. I’m not new to blogger. Better put I’m a fast learner. With a site on the blogger platform and one on wordpress, I can sincerely say WordPress is the bomb! Just two weeks on WP paid hosting and I’m glad I tried it out.


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