Even after reading killer articles on various ways to make money online of which making money blogging is a part of, people still complain that they find it difficult to make a penny online. This isn’t a new story, as there are lots of things you must have been doing wrongly which won’t let you earn from any venture online.

why you have not been making money online

5 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online

Here are some mistakes you would have to look out for in order to start making money from online ventures.

  1. Lack Of Focus: This is a major reason why people fail to make money online. They try to do everything, create lots of blogs at the same time and do not focus on one, thus their attention is divided and they can’t achieve anything.
  2. You Want Free Stuff Only: No doubt everyone loves freebies, but consider your blog to be your office and business, make little investments in premium themes, SEO and other related paid services to improve your blog if the need arises. Remember that you need to invest money to get money.
  3. You Buy Everything You Come Across: Buying every ebook and watching every video on how to make money online can end up confusing you instead of teaching you how to earn an income online. It is recommended you focus and apply the few you start with, if they don’t work for you, you can then move to another strategy instead of confusing and doing all at once.
  4. Too Lazy To Sale: Everything online involves sales, Google sales Adspaces and pay you for providing the space, Facebook sales Ad spaces on their website, Amazon is just for sales. Now you see what i’m driving at, every big online company sale something in order to make their money online, why don’t you write an ebook on what you are good at, offer services such as Webdesign, WordPress themes fix and lots more and you can start enjoying cool income online.
  5. You Have Only One Source of Income: This is one mistake most people make, it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket, you can try out other methods of making money online instead of focusing on one. Some bloggers only make use of Adsense and forget that their are Adsense Alternatives which can also earn them a fortune online. Why not try Chitika, Vigilinks, Infolinks, Affiliate Marketing and others.

Now you can reconcile these points to the reason why you have not been making any money online. Try your best to avoid these mistakes and enjoy the huge income stream from the online community.


  1. most newbies don’t want to invest they don’t take blogging as a business, every business requires investment so always invest in your blogging business to make more money


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