Just like any other career, I truly consider blogging a nice business that earns you money if you know your onions. At least I earn a 5 figure income monthly (in my local currency) from this blog and others I run, and this has really encouraged me to taking blogging a little further to the next level.

why you must invest money into your blog

Talking about taking a career to the next level, you sure know that you have to spend time, energy and money in order to see improvements. Below, i’ll explain the reasons you have to invest money and more into your blog if you are considering going full-time.

Why Should I Invest Money On My Blog

1. It Is Risk Free

Unlike other business investments in real life, investing in your blog is definitely risk free. You can imagine investing as little as $100 for a commenting service, and watch your traffic build up, but in other businesses, there is a major risk because you can not authenticate the work-ability of the business. I’m not trying to say people do not fail blogging, but there are various reasons why blogs fail and laying out an investment plan makes your blog immune to investment risks. The truth I must say is, Investing into a blog is risk free.

2. Quick ROI

ROI is an acronym for Return on Investment. When I talk about Quick Return On Investment I mean every bit of it. You can invest on Google Adwords in order to get people to seeing some of your products, you do not have to wait for years or months for your investment to yield interest. You instantly get your returns because your product is shown to a huge targeted audience searching for your product and get sales that supersedes your Investment and this is almost instantaneous.

3. Auto-pilot Investment

If you do not know how to handle everything as a blogger, you can invest in everything and still make money without having to do anything. You can start by investing in Freelancers to write for you, sponsored posts to reach your audience and also SEO to help you optimize your blog. You do not have to do anything simply because you invested.

4. Blog and Business Improvement

Every business invested in surely improves over time, there are lots of improvements you would notice once you start investing in your blog. Some of the improvements include getting backlinks due to SEO investments, gaining and building a popular blog and also creating a brand for your business.

5. Money Works For Money

The truth about a business is that money answers all things, just like I said earlier. Investments into any business brings about the improvement and improvements usually creates a brand for you and increases sales. Now money goes a long way in working your way to the top of search engines by building backlinks and Ads programs such as Google Adwords.


I think I must have convinced you with no reasonable doubt that you need to invest some money into your blog if you consider going full-time blogging and consider it to be a career and business. You sure won’t regret it, moreover I will update this article with a list of things to invest your money on your blog. I hope you love this post.


  1. Re investing in a blog is a good idea Oscar .If i would ever invest money in my blog ..i would go for adwords or facebook advertising program .Thanks for sharing the information .


    • Nice choice. As for me, i think investing in google adwords is the best cos i know much about seo. Facebook advertising would also be good. Thanks.

  2. Nice and detailed info.I have never thought of investing on my blog before now,until recently when i decided to invest on SEO,and hope to get favorable result in time to come

  3. Very detailed post here> Personally i’d think the best investment for a blog is SEO and getting the right seo company could be really defficult. Do you know any reputable one that is relatively cheap please?


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