You are probably reading this article because you came across the title that instills the thought and reasons why you should quit your 9 to 5 regular job for blogging. Sure this is for real, there are lots of reasons why you would love to call your daily corporate job quit.

quit your job to blog

I’ll explain in this article why you should do so and you will in less than no time become a boss of your own and make money more than you have ever made using your corporate job.

Reasons To Leave Your Day Job For Blogging

1. You Are In Charge

Everyone dreams of becoming a boss of his or her own, and that’s one obvious fact why you should leave your corporate job and run a blog. If you are running a blog of your own, you do not have to be scared that there is a boss out there to fire you or question your activities in their organization.

You run the blog however you wish and still earn more, though becoming successful as a blogger is not a one day job as it requires persistence and endurance. Blogging to success is can be achieved if you work hard.

2. You Work To Your Time

This is one reason that makes me really love blogging as a career. If you are to work for an organization, you are bound to work into their time and schedule but when it comes to blogging, their is no time restraint or compulsory time to blog.

For instance in corporate jobs you have to stress yourself from 9 am to 5 pm for an amount that drags you into debt, but when it comes to blogging, you earn more than enough what you bargained and still do not stress yourself as it takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours to write a blog post depending on the niche you are into. This keeps you at an advantage because you can spend more time with your family and loved ones.

3. You Can Blog From Anywhere

Blogging is one nice career as you can probably do it from anywhere. Whenever you travel, your business goes with you around and that’s one cool thing about it. As a blogger, my business does not go on a break simply because I’m travelling on a vacation. Infact, I call it mobility of office, as you can go wherever you wish and and still run your business effectively. You do not have to border about going out of business and it enough reason you would want to quit your corporate blog.

4. You Gain Celebrity Status

As a blogger who writes lots of content that attract visitors to your blog, and in this case I mean quality content,  you might not know this, but you build a celebrity status or personality for yourself. With time , hardwork and patience, you find yourself in the circles of people like Oprah Winfrey and her likes.

5. Make Money Online

Making money online is one of the major reasons people go into blogging, and I won’t be disputing the fact that it really pays. There are a whole lot of endless opportunities when it comes to blogging, several methods are available to make money blogging and they are the major reasons you need to quite your 9 – 5 job. I know of bloggers who earn 6 figure incomes from their blogs(though i’m not there yet but working towards that), and this has works for them without much stress like the so called 9 – 5 corporate jobs.


I know it can be a difficult decision to quit your job for blogging, and the fact still remains that blogging is not a get rich quick strategy. You do not have to out-rightly quit your day job if you don’t yet have a stand in the blogosphere. Build your blog firstly to a gain popularity and stand out of the crowd and you can then call your job quit.

Blogging pays lots of bloggers like John Chow and you too can earn a living from it. ­čÖé


  1. nice post dude…. what if am already earning about $800 a month wont that be a great deal for me to stick to my job??? lol

  2. Nice points bro,but i wont advise anyone to quit his/her job for blogging particularly when you are receiving a reasonable pay from it,but if on the other hand your blog generates more cash than your job,it may be reasonable to quit,but also sticking to both and finding out time to amge them will also be great idea

  3. My advice is that you start as a part-time blogger while keeping your job. You can write your articles at night. Also if your job is the type that keeps you idle at times, you can also write articles when you’re idle using your phone. When you begin to get a reasonable income for your blog, you can then quit your job and start blogging full-time.

    • Hi Rahul,
      It’s great to know I could inspire you more into your blogging career. With hardwork and perseverance, it definitely would pay off. Thanks for dropping by pal.

  4. Seriously? You want everybody to become a blogger? Like who would teach our kids, work in our banks, work on our food, clothing and shelter in a world where we all become bloggers?

  5. This is one of the questions that keep bothering my hearth whenever I think of taking another career outside blogging. I asked myself whether I would be able to settle under mans obligation on what I needed doing before I can sustain a daily living but I have not taken a decision meanwhile, it’s a community for the fittest.


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