When it comes to blogging, there are different blogging platforms available to run a blog ranging from blogger, wordpress, tumblr and so on. But this question always comes up for newbies on which platform would best suite their needs on blogging or rather let’s rephrase it to Which blogging platform is better between wordpress and blogger. If you are one of such people who don’t know which platform would suite you, then this post is for you.

wordpress vs blogger, which is better

Their are many awesome features found in the two platforms we are going to discuss about (WordPress vs Blogger). Though, it is normally best left for bloggers to choose which platform would suit their blogging needs rather than telling them that one has an edge over the other.

Let’s look at this two platforms critically.

Benefits of Using BLOGGER

Blogger is a free blogging platform hosted by Google under the url blogger.com. It is quite easy to setup a blogger blog as it would take you not more than 10 minutes. And you can start making new posts right away. Some interesting features about blogger are.

  1. It’s quite easy to setup, and your blog would be in the format “yoursite.blogspot.com.
  2. You can use custom domain for to set up your blogger blog instead of using the blogspot name
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  3. It has lots of free templates, which makes it easier for newbies to change to good looking designs without having any knowledge of programming.
  4. More and more gadgets are made available to the blogger platform as the days go by.
  5. Blogger is Adsense ready if you wish to monetize your blog
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But one thing about blogger is, your blog is hosted under google, and if you do not go by their rules, you might wake up one morning to find that your blog has been deleted.

Benefits of Using WORDPRESS

Now talking about wordpress, wordpress has to platforms, the free hosting platform which can be gotten at wordpress.com, and the open source CMS platform wordpress.org.

Both are owned by the same people, but the free platform is something like blogger, it offers free hosting for your blog, but with much limitations. I’ll be discussing about the later which is the open source platform more.
Wordpress is an open source blogging platform. It has lots of plugins which are essential for SEO, and other related stuff. This blog uses the wordpress platform. Here are the features of wordpress.

  1. It needs you to install the software on a host, therefore you need a hosting plan to run this software.
  2. It has lots of plugins which are essential for bloggers, such as the SEO plugins.
  3. It also is Adsense ready.
  4. Their are lots of free WordPress Themes out there for you to choose from
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  5. All data of your blog are under your custody because you host yourself and have no fear of your blog been deleted like in blogger.

Now it’s left for you to choose which platform best suits you. If you want to take blogging just for fun just to have a test of it, then use BLOGGER. But if you need a standard full time functional blog which you want to take seriously, then I bet you would go with WORDPRESS.


  1. I like blogger – never tried WordPress yet, but will do.

    I like blogger.com because it’s very cheap to buy a custom domain and you can also buy 25GB storage at Google Drive. If you have Picasa and Google Drive (5GB free) and buy 25GB storage you suddenly have over 30GB of storage for your blogger images.

    By using blogger you secure excellent bandwidth, which is some of the cons of hosting it yourself, as a good hosting site can be expensive.

    25GB Google Drive : $2,50USD pr month (100GB cost $5USD pr month)
    Custom Domain: $15USD pr year
    99,99% up time

    What other hosting site can compete with these prices compared to storage size?


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