What is a door when it cannot ward off thieves or assassins who want to cause you and your family harm? Well, since a thief will always appear unexpectedly, you should also learn to prepare beforehand when it comes to your home security. For the best options out there right now, see our list of 5 Best iPhone Door Locks:

1. Oaks Smart Lock:

Oaks Smart Lock
Oaks Smart Lock

This lock is easily accessible and it is home to amazing lock app features that allows you to see when anyone comes and goes.

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Owners are allowed to generate five various types of codes and it also possesses an auto-lock sensor that will save your door when the door sensor is triggered.

2. August Smart Lock:

Silver & August Smart Keypad August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled Dark Gray  mimbarschool.com.ng

With the August Smart Lock, locking and unlocking your door while tracking who comes in and goes out is possible straight from your smartphone.

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You can even add an August join wi-fi bridge to combine with Alexa, google assistant, Airbnb e.t.c. Your present lock and keys can be attached to your deadbolt too.

3. Friday Home Smart Lock:

Best iPhone Door Locks
Friday Home Smart Lock

This door lock suits people with all types of lifestyles. It guarantees your total security, comfort, and management and it also comes with built-in wi-fi.

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Because it rotates 360 levels, it is also very apt with several deadbolt locks. You can also expect an app that lets you manage your digital lock wherever you are.

4. Fingerprint Door Lock:

Fingerprint Door Lock
Fingerprint Door Lock

This lock is not waterproof and it works best for indoor use alone. It simply records an in-depth log of everyone who steps into your home or steps out while you are not looking and shows you all the details on your mobile phone. It sports an amazing design as well and it is not so expensive.

5. NetBolt Smartlock Keyless Door Lock:

Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Smart Lock" http://be.net /gallery/61425655/Smart-Lock | Smart lock, Door handle design, Fingerprint door  lock

This lock works with Alexa and she will help you to know when your battery needs to be recharged. Its inbuilt alarm simply alerts you once it suspects possible safety breaches and it works in specific temperatures. This lock is also home to inbuilt wifi that allows you to lock/unlock from wherever you are without added equipment.

More Information On Door Locks:

Most vehicle doors are secured closed to the vehicle body with latches which may be locked to prevent unauthorized access from the exterior. There are a variety of car door locking systems.

Door locks may be manually, or automatically operated, and may be centrally or individually operated. Also, they may be operated by remote control, with the transmitter often integrated into the main vehicle access/ignition key.

Additionally, rear passenger doors are frequently fitted with child safety locks to prevent children from exiting the vehicle unless the door is opened from the exterior. These are also frequently used on police cars, to prevent suspect criminals from escaping whilst in police custody.

Door switches are simple on/off mechanisms connected to the interior light (dome light), and may also be connected to a warning light, speaker or other device, to inform the driver when the door is not closed.

The door light is standard equipment on all cars. In American cars from the 1950s-1990s, they had buzzers or “door dingers” that sounded, along with the check light, whenever any door is open.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 Best iPhone Door Locks to buy. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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