The truth is, when you think of a medium to make money online as a blogger, the first thing that comes to mind is Adsense.

Ways to Make A Living Blogging with Adsense

It is true that lot’s of people (webmasters) find it difficult to earn a dollar ($1) using Adsense while there are other webmasters and bloggers smiling to the bank with their Adsense cheques all because they think out of the box.

I will make this post a medium to teach you the 5 effective and proven ways I use to make a great deal out of Google Adsense.

5 Effective Ways on How Best to Improve your Adsense Earnings

1. Experiment and Discover which Ad Unit Format Works Great For You

Over the year since I started using Google Adsense, I discovered that their is no particular formula to know which Ad Unit gets great CPC and CRT. It requires you experimenting with different Ad Unit formats and locations on your blog. For me, the Large Rectangle (336X280) has always worked great because, the ads will look like normal web links, and people, and usually enjoys a high CTR. This might not work for you, as we have different designs. Experiment and find out what works great for you.

2. Create a Custom Palette for your Ads.

When customizing your Ads Palette in Adsense, make sure the Ads match or look like your website color. Try tweaking your Adsense Palette Background and Border color to match with your blog’s background color. Customize the Link and text colors to same as your blogs. This would make your Ads look like natural web links you placed instead of Adsense Ads, and will increase your CTR which in turn increases your earnings $$$.

3. Move Your Ads to the Top.

Placing Adsense Ads at the end of your page is of no use as you would receive little or no clicks from such a location. Moving your Ads to the top positions such as at the header, below post title and other positions which are close to the top would increase your chances of getting your Ads Clicked.

4. Link Within Your Site.

You might be shocked to see that this appears on this list,but it sure does increase Adsense earning. I realized that any day I make a post with lots of links to other posts on my blog, I earn more. This is how it works, you make a blog post and link to another, for your readers to understand that blog post, they need to read the other post you linked, and this increases your page views and your chances of getting clicks. Most of the time, people would definitely click on the Ads as they would want to learn more about that post, and Google does well by displaying Ads related to the post.

5. Enable both Text and Image Ads.

This is one great aspect you need to look into. Enabling both Text and Image Ads would increase the number of Advertisers that would want to be displayed on your blog, and the Advertiser with the highest Bid wins the Ads space. Since our main concern is increase in earning, with higher bids, a click will be worth it. If you disabled Text and Image Ads at same time on your blog, re-enable them and enjoy the increase in your Adsense earnings.

Here are the Adsense increment tips I’ve been using and they work great for me. All you need do is work on this effective ways to increase your adsense earning, and remember that Adsense Ads display in relation to your post content. Quality content would help you achieve a career out of blogging using Adsense.

This tips have worked for others, why not give them a try and see how your Adsense Earnings Increase.



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