We do lots of open things on our smartphones like playing games, enjoying films, snapping good pictures e.t.c. But sometimes we need our privacy from nosy people, kids, and pretty much any kind of the third party that has no business accessing anything on our Android device. These sensitive contents that need shielding from public eyes are most likely apps as they are the most common thing on smartphones these days. To ensure you have them well hidden from prying eyes, here is our list of 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android (How To Hide Android Apps):

1. Hide It Pro

This app is also referred to as Audio Manager app. It makes hiding applications very simple as long as it is downloaded and installed on your device. As installation is going on, all you have to do is set up the protection it will provide. You will then be able to use a PIN or password as security. Hiding files and data becomes simple even if it requires a root access. Ensure you have adequate knowledge of root access before making use of it. It provides secure protection to hidden content, it can hide your pictures, videos e.t.c.

2. App Hider

Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android

This is one of the best apps for hiding other apps on google play; it works amazingly for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It is a beautiful app cloner that lets you have access to more than one account from one device. It also hides photos and videos and even hide App Hider too by transforming itself into a Calculator. Just import app into App Hider which you want to protect and then uninstall that app from your Home system. You can switch off the hidden app notification from our App Hider setting.

3. Hide App Application

This app lets you hide the app icon on your phones. Available for free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To make hiding of apps possible you need root access because it will not function on a non-rooted smartphones. After downloading it, you will get notified if your phone has access roots.

Hide App Application has a simple UI and it is simple to operate. To ensure your content is safeguarded safely, you will receive PIN lock. It also supports Auto Backup and Restore, this is for fixing the app getting uninstalled unintentionally. It will automatically backup and restore all the hiding apps with the re-installation of the app on the phone.

4. DU Privacy Vault App

best apps to hide apps on androidThis app caters for hiding apps on Android phones. It possesses several features that lets you safeguard even a tiny document. By using the app, you are able to lock or hide your separate apps from others. It also helps you to hide photo files, video files and many more. For additional security, you are equipped to lock it all with a password. You can also change the password. The Pattern Lock and Passcode Lock are available for your use as regards setting your password. Your calls can get hidden as well. Its Break-in Alert feature will be of help you when an unknown person attempts to login. The person’s photo is captured too.

5. App Icon Hider Application

Image result for App Icon Hider Application

This app hides applications from the menu of your mobile device. Free and can be accessed on the Play Store. It can help you hide any app in the world from whoever you are hiding it from. To make this happen, ensure your Android OS is 4.0 or later. Protection of your apps with the App Icon Hider Application does not eat up your space on your phone. It has a simple user interface. All hidden apps are safeguarded by a password. You can also change the old password by making use of a new one. Apps can be hidden or unhidden by simply ticking on it.

6. Hide Apps

best apps to hide apps on android

This app helps you to hide applications from the list of recently opened apps. To use it on Android, you do not require root access and it functions superbly without permissions. By using this app, you can also change the text color, text background color, and icon background color.

There is an easy sharing option to share the app with someone using Social Networking Sites and other sources

7. Parallel Space

Best Apps To Hide Apps On AndroidJust grant it permission, choose the app you wish to hide and tap on Add To Parallel Space, when you get to the Home Page, select the app once more, grant it the required permissions to let the app function from its workspace, sign up for an account in the app. If you have one already, just log in. Now have the app deleted from the main menu. And it will be up and running.

8. Calculator Vault

Image result for calculator vault app

Just have it installed and it will serve as the bus-stop for possible intruders who will not be able to present the required PIN. You will enter the PIN and on the home page, add the app you want hidden. Expect the word “Dual” to be added to its icon, which signifies that 2 copies of the app now exist on your phone.

Now get rid of the app from the main menu of the device. When you head back to the homepage of Calculator Vault, the word “Dual” will no longer be there, you will now see “Hidden”.

9. C Launcher

best apps to hide apps on androidThis is one of the best or amazing launcher to hide apps. I mean having 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Play Store says it all. Just install this launcher from the play store and have it opened. After that, make use of the gesture(Zoom In) to open the hide application window, where you will be able to add several apps you plan to hide from others. A massive advantage with this app is that it does not clone any app for you and it also does not compel you to uninstall the real app.

10. Ace Launcher

Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android

This is a useful launcher that can hide your apps. To begin, install the app from the play store and launch it. After that, perform a swipe up gesture with a couple of fingers on the home screen which will show the hidden areas where your unknown apps can be accommodated. Other settings like enabling pattern lock feature, super privacy mode e.t.c can be accessed also.

There you have it – the Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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