Clock applications have been existing for long. This is no surprise because smartphones are amazing for letting you know the time. They are always closeby than your regular clocks anyway so it is only right. To help you with the best options out there, here is a list of 10 Best Clock Apps For Android:

1. 1Weather

Clock Apps For AndroidA surprising choice, yes, but it comes with a quality clock and weather widget users will appreciate. This app is neutral and can be configured. It will function with a lot of phone themes and the widget is quite modern. This app is also a brilliant weather application. It caters for the regular stuff like displaying forecasts, current weather, and radar. Every feature in it will cost you nothing but you can part with cash to get rid of ads.

2. Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

This is an application for those that take sleep too far. It lets you set various alarms. Every alarm can have its own personal setting. Android Wear support, location-specific alarms are included. Snooze challenge puzzles are not exempted as well. You just need to wake up and solve a puzzle before the alarm goes off. The app is free.

3. Alarm Clock For Me

Clock Apps For AndroidThis is a proper clock app. It is possible to set an unrestricted number of alarms with it. It has a sleep timer too. Its stand out feature is its nightstand mode that lets you use your device or tab as a digital clock at your bedside. Users can expect themes, weather information, a brightness slider, a flashlight toggle as well. But you will to pay a token to remove ads.

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme

A fantastic alarm clock app. It has various alarms like music, a crescendo alarm e.t.c. It also possesses a snooze button should in case you are not prepared to wake up. The app also comes with math problems to attempt to wake you up during an alarm. Timer, simple sleep tracking are included too. When you purchase the pro version, you will be free from advertisements.

5. Beautiful Widgets

Clock Apps For AndroidThis is an amazing clock application for anyone who fancies widgets. It comes with several clock widgets in various styles and colors. There are a lot of themes that can be downloaded too.

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Weather widgets, weather, and clock combo widgets, toggle switches are included as well. Users can expect themes even if they are not all that impressive. It can be enjoyed for free and it will function for newer versions of Android.

6. Big Digital Clock

The name hints at what it is all about. It is basically a huge, digital clock. It can be used by whoever fancies a digital clock, wherever they want. You can alter the color to anything you want plus it can even do landscape or portrait mode stuff. Users can access the feature that will move the clock around the display to stop burn-in on devices that have that issue. It is totally free and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

7. Digital Clock Widget

Clock Apps For AndroidXperia Clock widgets are scarce nowadays. But, Digital Clock Widget by Lazar Dimitrov is new and hot. It is an easy clock widget for your home screen. It displays the time, date, battery and a very short overview of the weather. The widgets are personalizable and come in several sizes. It suits various home screens and themes and it is definitely a great option.

8. Google Clock

This is a stable clock app. It does all the simple things you should expect from a clock application. A stopwatch, timer, clock, and alarm are all present in it. The alarms are simple enough to set and the stopwatch and timers are not complicated to use.

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It possesses Material Design as well, meaning, its appearance and work is amazing. It comes with Android Wear support and a World Clock. If you want a basic clock app to work with, this is the option to go for.


KWGT is custom widget maker. There are decent clock widgets and clock applications for your Android device. But, at times, it is best to create yours, and KWGT can make that happen for you.

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It comes with several tools, themes, and functions to personalize it just the way you want. It could be tough in the beginning but the result will be dazzling. The developer for this app owns KLWP too, a live wallpaper creator application that will include a clock live wallpaper in your home screen.

10. Timely

Another popular clock app. It was popular when it was released. Used to cost a fee but Google purchased it eventually and now it is now free for all. It comes with an amazing UI. The clock is the center screen and users will be able to swipe to the left screen to locate alarms. The right screen is where the timer is. Themes are available for configuration. It is beautiful to look at and it will cost you nothing to enjoy.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best clock apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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