There are several golfers across the globe and the figure keeps rising every year. Some do it as a hobby while others are more focused on the competitive side of it. If you play it because you love the competition, see our list of 5 Best Gear And Gadgets To Improve Your Golf Game:

1. Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Trolley:

Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Trolley
Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Trolley

This is a brilliant kit that lets you go hands-free when you move your clubs around the golf course.

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This particular brand even makes use of a remote handset to move the trolley about. It is fully rechargeable and you just have to stick it in the trolley’s personal USB port.

2. Leupold GX 2i3 Rangefinder: Leupold 2017 GX-2i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder: Sports & Outdoors

This gadget instantly informs you about the distance and which club to go for to hit your intended target. Having this information will definitely let you focus on your swing for the best result. It also calculates the weather and all slopes that would affect your play.

3. Adidas Tour360 XT Golf Shoe:

Adidas Tour360 XT Golf Shoe
Adidas Tour360 XT Golf Shoe

Adidas is definitely a brand to respect when it comes to sporting goods and these shoes definitely back that fact. Adidas Tour360 XT Golf Shoe has been tagged “comfortable shoes that was built to cope with the elements.”

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This means it will surely handle the season on your behalf. This shoe also aids your arch support while controlling your foot movement with its Torsion Tunnel tech.

4. Ezee Powergolf:

Ezee Powergolf
Ezee Powergolf

If you just started playing golf or you find it hard to play, this swingless golf club can help. Being the world’s first piston-powered driver, designed by an ex aerospace engineer, it will surely improve your golf skills in no time.

5. Garmin Golf Watch:

Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch price from konga in Nigeria - Yaoota!

This watch is home to a PlaysLike Distance feature that helps to recognize how far you’ve hit a ball and how the weather impacted its flight.

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It also advises you on the best way to approach the green while reviewing your hitting and performance.

More Information On Golf:

Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

A golf course consists of either 9 or 18 holes, each with a teeing ground that is set off by two markers showing the bounds of the legal tee area, fairway, rough and other hazards, and the putting green surrounded by the fringe with the pin (normally a flagstick) and cup.

The rules of golf are internationally standardised and are jointly governed by The R&A, spun off in 2004 from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (founded 1754), and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Golf clubs are used to hit the golf ball. Each club is composed of a shaft with a lance (or “grip”) on the top end and a club head on the bottom.

Long clubs, which have a lower amount of degree loft, are those meant to propel the ball a comparatively longer distance, and short clubs a higher degree of loft and a comparatively shorter distance.

The actual physical length of each club is longer or shorter, depending on the distance the club is intended to propel the ball.

There you have it – 5 best gear and gadgets to improve your golf game. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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