Wearables enjoyed several launches in India last year, and we can show you the best ones to invest in this year. With the 2nd wave of the Corona virus in full effect, it is best to always look after your health a lot more, something wearables can help you with. See the best options in our list of 5 Best Wearables In India:

1. Apple Watch Series 6:

 Best wearables in India
Apple Watch Series 6

This option definitely had to top this list because it is a proper value for money. This watch can be bought in several case finishes, from aluminium to titanium.

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It is also possible to customize several kinds of bands based on your preferred choice. It is highly recommended.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3:

 Best wearables in India


This watch is simply amazing. It is filled with lots of features you will find on the Apple Watch Series 6 and it works with both Android and iOS devices. The Galaxy Watch 3 is also available in non-cellular and cellular variants. Its highly recommended.

3. Oppo Watch:

Oppo Watch
Oppo Watch

This is shocking entry to this list but it is quality and affordable at the same time. You will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and it runs WearOS.

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It also provides proper step, distance and heart rate tracking, plus decent battery life. Charging speed is quite amazing too.

4. Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve:

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Price in Bangladesh 2020, Full ...

Still on the topic of best wearable in India. This option was Xiaomi’s first smartwatch in India and it definitely has a large following in the country. This watch is blessed with unexpected features alongside a decent AMOLED display. Its battery life is also great for those who care about a long-lasting battery.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 5:

 Best wearables in India
Xiaomi Mi Band 5

This is the most recent addition to Xiaomi’s lineup of fitness trackers, and it succeeded the Mi Band 4. As you already know, Xiaomi fitness bands are good and you will enjoy incremental updates from time to time.

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You will also have access to its bigger and brighter screen and the charging mechanism is super decent.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best Wearables in India. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

More Information On Wearable:

Wearable technology, Wearables, fashion technology, Smart wear, tech togs, skin electronics or fashion electronics are smart electronic devices (electronic device with micro-controllers) that are worn close to and/or on the surface of the skin, where they detect, analyze, and transmit information concerning e.g.

body signals such as vital signs, and/or ambient data and which allow in some cases immediate biofeedback to the wearer.

Wearable devices such as activity trackers are an example of the Internet of Things, since “things” such as electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity are effectors that enable objects to exchange data (including data quality) through the internet with a manufacturer, operator, and/or other connected devices, without requiring human intervention.

Wearable technology has a variety of applications which grows as the field itself expands. It appears prominently in consumer electronics with the popularization of the smartwatch and activity tracker.

Apart from commercial uses, wearable technology is being incorporated into navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare.

In professional sports, wearable technology has applications in monitoring and real-time feedback for athletes. Examples of wearable technology in sport include accelerometers, pedometers, and GPS’s which can be used to measure an athlete’s energy expenditure and movement pattern.


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