So, Microsoft released a new version of Windows –  Windows 10, the company did not just develop the software, they integrated several features into it. For the sake of this post, and for your own benefit I will be talking about the Inbuilt Windows 10 Keyloggers feature. While most people gave a shabby look to this feature as just another irrelevant update, only a few are looking at it from the eagle’s view.

Firstly, what are Keyloggers? Ordinarily, keyloggers are mostly used as a spyware to monitor activities on a computer or network. They work by taking every keystroke made on the keyboard and some advance ones do snap the screenshots of all activities. This is not trying to imply that they don’t monitor voices, in fact, they do.

How To Disable Windows 10 Keylogging Feature

Windows made it known publicly that their latest Windows 10 will be launched with Keyloggers yet most people gave an “I don’t care ‘ view.’ This was their post on Windows 10 FAQs page:

“When you interact with your Windows device by speaking, writing (handwriting), or typing, Microsoft collects speech, inking, and typing information—including information about your Calendar and People (also known as contacts).”The Windows 10 Keyloggers feature, in a nutshell, basically tracks all your data – voice and text made on your computer to Microsoft.

The icing on the cake is that this can be disabled, here’s how to get this done.

Steps to Disabling Windows 10 KeyLoggers

1. Navigate to Start Menu, and click on Settings to open it.

2. After that, scroll to Privacy. Then click to open.

3. As soon as the Menu opens, scroll  to General. Click on it to open.

4. On the General sub-menu, you will see an option with this text “Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future option” Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the features” Just turn it to OFF.

5. Still on the Privacy Menu pages, scroll to‘Speech, Inking and Typing,  then select Stop getting to know me. This will help you turn off the speech tracking through dictation or Cortana.

Congrats, we have successfully disabled keyloggers on your Windows 10 PC. Finally, Microsoft won’t be able to track our data.


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