Due to the quest for affordable internet data plans in Nigeria, I decided to embark on a journey of writing out the various internet service provider’s plans available to Nigerians, their activation codes and prices inclusive. No doubt Etisalat would not be left out in this exercise of mine.

Update: Etisalat has a cheaper set of internet bundle plans for all device which you can READ HERE. 1GB for N1000 only.

Of course, Etisalat Nigeria has been one of the leading ISP’s in Nigeria, coupled with their numerous attractive internet data bundles, this has left most Nigerians no choice but to join in the Easyblaze train.

Etisalat data bundles, acvtivation codes and prices

Etisalat EasyBlaze refers to the various cheap internet plans that are offered by Etisalat to her subscribers and below is an all encompassing list of their data plans, codes to set them up and prices they are offered at. Check out the table below. Note that these plans would work on your Smartphones (Android, iPhones, Tablets), PC’s, Modem Dongles and more.

Etisalat Monthly Plans

ServiceCostTo Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 229
To Subscribe
(via USSD)
Monthly Plans for Tablets & Modems.Choose a plan below for your devices or add it to your Easycliq, Easystarter, Easyflex or Easylife package.
200MB PlanN1,000MB2*229*2*1#30 days
500MB PlanN2,000MB3*229*2*2#30 days
1.5GB PlanN4,000MB4*229*2*4#30 days
3GB PlanN6,500MB5*229*2*3#30 days
6GB PlanN8,000MB6*229*2*5#30 days
10GB PlanN10,000SM1*229*4*1#30 days
15GB PlanN15,000SM2*229*4*2#30 days
20GB PlanN18,000SM3*229*4*3#30 days
Please note: Valid for 30 days. Auto-renewal & data rollover apply
Enjoy a 30% bonus on all plans from 200mb – 6GB.


Etisalat Smartphone Plans

Smartphone Data Plans Monthly Plans for Smartphones
Voice calls at 20k/sec to all local networks.
To Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 8183
To Subscribe
(via USSD)
200MB Voice PlanN1,000Smarta*229*2*11#30 days
500MB Voice PlanN2,000Smartb*229*2*22#30 days
1.5GB Voice PlanN4,000Smartc*229*2*44#30 days
3GB Voice PlanN6,500Smartd*229*2*33#30 days
6GB Voice PlanN8,000Smarte*229*2*55#30 days
Please note: Valid for 30 days. Auto-renewal & data rollover apply
30% Bonus apples to all plans from 200mb – 6GB.


Other Etisalat Data Plans and Prices.

Other Plans
Mobile Daily Plan (10MB)N100MI1*229*3*1#Daily
Mobile Weekly Plan (50MB)N500MI2*229*3*4#7 days
Night & Weekend PlanN4,000MB7*229*3*3#30 days
Quaterly Plan (30GB)N27,5004M*229*5*1#90 days
Bi-annual Plan (60GB)N55,0006M*229*5*2#120 days
Annual Plan (120GB)N110,00012M*229*5*3#365 days
Please note: Auto-renewal applies No data rollover on Daily Plan
Night & Weekend Period: 9PM – 6AM weekdays & all weekend

Note: If you wish to Opt out of any of the Etisalat Internet Plans, Simply Dial *229*0#.

I hope you find this list helpful and please do share in your social circles. Remember, sharing is caring!

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  1. @ Oscar – What you posted here is far, far from being cheap. N1,000.00 can now be used to get 1gb instead of N1,000.00 for 200mb which you posted. Your quotations are not competitive at all. They are all outdated.

  2. I loaded your etisalat card [N1000] on 7th August,2015 to my i pad system for browsing.The card was loaded but i could not browse. I am highly disturbed.

  3. Wow. i am Glad you posted this Article here on your blog. You have always choose to standout of others providing quality information. God Bless you as you continue providing quality info. I still prefer Airtel Subscription compared to etisalat.
    I Rep clickableBlog.com


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