Link Roundups are not new in the blogosphere and could be used to turn in massive traffic to blogs both linked to and also the hosting blog.Β The truth is we all are continually searching for ways to improve and increase traffic to our blogs, and there are simple ways to get traffic we often overlook that could be useful. I will use this article to teach you how to use our link roundups to get referral traffic from our blog here to yours if you are a faithful reader.

What Is Link RoundUp About

link round up for traffic
Some bloggers refer to it as gathering useful links to resources and blog posts you think would be of importance to your readers on a unique scheduled pattern which could be weekly, monthly or however you chose. The most common Link RoundUps pattern is the weekly roundups. Β It could also be referred to as MashUps and other related terms by different bloggers.

Starting Link Round Ups On Our Blog?

Yes. I’ve nurtured this idea for such a long time to come up with Link Mushups or Roundups as you may call it on this blog, but due to my offline tight schedules, I always waved it off. But finally, I’ve decided to take the bull by the horn and face my fears. I decided to startup the Weekly Link Round Ups on this blog and it would be featured on every Friday of the Week.

OscarMini Link Round Up would consist of 10 wonderful articles I come across within the week and I wish to share with you my faithful readers. These articles are not subjected to be from my blog, they are going to be links to other great bloggers and their wonderful posts of the week.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog from OscarMini Using Our Link Round Ups for Bloggers

I know there are thousands of cool and nicely written articles everyday over the web that I might be able to come across, our Link Roundup might be a nice opportunity to get your post showcased and featured on this blog in order to get a feel of our massive readership base on your blog.

How To Submit Your Articles To Get Free Website Traffic

  • Simply Register an Account On Our Forum
  • Go to the forums, Select the Category that fits the Topic you wish to get featured on this blog
  • Create a New Topic with the Title of the post, then write about the first 100 words of the article or simply a summary or even the full article but with a link back to the original post on your blog. Don’t worry, I take the pains in approving all topics created on our forums and I will definitely see yours.
  • When I approve those topics, I will follow the link to read the article on your blog, if it is worth sharing, i will include the a link to your blog post in that weeks roundup, and you’ll get featured.

Other Benefits Of Submitting Your Articles For RoundUps

  • Even if your article doesn’t get featured for that week, it could get featured some other week.
  • You get referral traffic from our forum of over 7000 active members.
  • It improves your blogs backlinks and SEO power.
  • You can submit as much blog articles as you can, and it increases your chances of getting your blog at weeks link roundup.

Our Friday Weekly RoundUps Starts this Friday the 28th of June 2013. It is advisable you start submitting your links in our forums now in order to get featured among the 10 blog links in our Weekly Friday Link RoundUps.

Wishing you the best and remember to register on our forums to start up with. Happy Blogging.


  1. I’m just hearing about ‘Link Roundup’ For the first time….nice initiative oscar , i’ve registered in the forum already , i will write an article anytime soon and i will do exactly as you said….have a great day!

  2. Nice article Oscar, I don’t usually read through an article, but yours I did, I think I will give it a try when am on PC.

  3. Hey Oscar! I meant “Wow Oscar”.
    Great idea and I really appreciate you coming up with an awesome strategy that will help each other.
    No words! Onto the forum. Thanks a lot and Good luck mate πŸ™‚


  4. weekly roundups sounds like a great idea Oscar! It appears as though posting on the forum by creating a title, then adding some of your articles content, followed by moderated by you, and then the possibility of it being posted as part of the weekly roundup could be very valuable for many bloggers – excellent!

  5. You’re always coming up new great idea, though it may have been in existence for sometimes now, but how many people remember it? Good one from you bro. My question; Does the blog has to come from certain category of niches or all niche are welcome?
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thats a great idea Oscar!
    Will submit my links soon. But doesn’t it sees like spam/duplicate content if I post the same content again on the forum with a link?

    • That’s the reason I made provision for the link back. If you link to the original source, Google passes more authority to the original blog and doesn’t penalize anyone.

  7. Way cool idea Oscar!
    Using round ups helps you add to your content store while giving readers a chance to reach a larger, targeted audience.
    It really is a win-win situation for both parties.

  8. Its really a nice idea Oscar ! I will surely sign up for this ! But now why Facebook connect is showing the problem? It is saying “This app is in sandbox mode. Edit the app configuration at to make the app publicly visible.” while I tried to sign up using my Facebook account !

  9. Weekly link round ups have been an amazing way of building and driving massive amount of traffic to any site taking part in it, i will immediately create my own account. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is definitely good idea to extend sharing and cooperation among bloggers. Hope this will help to grow your blog as well. I ran Friday Gems when I was running SEOMMOTips and that really offered exposure to the best bloggers quickly. I’m trying to run something similar in my Bivori too but could not do it yet. Hope I’ll find some time in near future.

  11. Great Initiative Oscar !! It will increase readership and Good content which are hidden will be in front of everyone. It will be beneficial for both. Thanks

  12. hello Oscar,

    Really bro it very useful news hope it will grow and we all get benefit from it and I am sure you definitely get readership and good content for your blog and your reader πŸ™‚

  13. Wow .. I had NO clue something like this existed! What a very smart idea. Getting traffic to my blog is something I really would like!!

  14. i am interested oscar in this round up. i will register for an account πŸ™‚ i tried registering through facebook but it did not work so i will register again

  15. bro you really come up with something great i will surely try this out, your creative mind is outstanding because you really introduced something new. thanks

  16. Hi Oscar,

    I always have nursed this strategy too both have constantly feared of no being able to continue. I needed to get myself together to start and lunch into such venture.

    Once I’m sure of myself and resources, I would of course start it on my blog and register on your forum to get myself and blog featured on such a great blog as!

    Thanks for sharing anyways. πŸ™‚



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