You probably must have wondered why the link roundup was skipped from last week, that was due to my preparation for the 30-Days Aggressive Blogging Challenge I gave myself. I’m currently on the 30 days challenge and this has kept me very busy and I’ve been reading a few blogs lately and haven’t been as active as before doing the reads.

Never to worry, I still have links to articles I know you would definitely fall in love with and will help improve your blogging career and experience. The link i’m rounding up for you guys are listed below.


#1. 7 Conversion Lessons Learned From Eye Tracking by Neil Patel
Neil still made it to the top of this list today. After going through this article, I was so much informed and knew things I would write and display on my blog in other to get a huge conversion rate in terms of leads and subscriptions. Thanks to Neil, and you would have to check this post out.

#2. How and where to meet and connect with top bloggers!  by Enstine Muki
Though this article was not published last week, it made it’s way down here. In this blog post, Enstine explains the easy ways to finding top bloggers and also learning how to build a relationship with them. It is quite insightful and if the tips revealed are applied correctly, you’ll become a top blogger as well.

#3. 4 Tips To Building A Successful Blog by Oscar Frank
This is a guest post I submitted on Desmond’s blog yesterday. In that article, I explained the various rules you need to observe if you wish to become a successful blog who runs a successful blog. Becoming a top blogger is not an easy task but can be achieved if you read through this post.

I hope you did enjoy this edition of our link round up, and I hope you com back here for more. Thanks for finding time to read my blog articles.



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