It’s another friday and I bring to you a link roundup of the various articles that can turn your blogging experience which I found useful. Some of the links are from this blog because for the past two weeks we’ve been on our aggressive blogging exercise, and lots of articles have been made here.

Below are the said links you would really find interesting and useful


#1. 4 things To Do After You Publish A Blog Post by Oscar Frank
In this article, I had to explain the various things you need to do after you publish a blog post in order to get maximum exposure and more social shares to your blog post. Blogging without promotion is dead and this is a must read if you wish to build a successful blogging life style.

#2. How To Make Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing  by Isaiah Joseph
Joseph explained in details the various affiliate marketing tips he has been using that work perfectly to earn huge sums online. He even included a list of the various affiliate programs you need to know which are not scam.

Traffic and SEO

#3. 5 Things I wish I Knew Before Blogging by Oscar Frank
This is a guest article I submitted to DonCaprio’s blog, and I believed this list would not have complete without adding this. I explained the various thing you need to know before venturing into blogging. This article would serve as a guide to various Newbie bloggers.

#4. 7 reason Why Your Business Needs A Website by Oscar Frank
If you run a business, either in large or small scale, then this article is for you. I’ll give you various reasons why you do need a website and how to improve sales from your website for your company.

This is a great round up  guess and I hope you did enjoy every bit of the links added to this article. And remember to take out time to share this article with you friends on all your social media accounts, 🙂 . Do have a splendid weekend.


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