It is another Friday and I’m here once again to bring to you a mashup of links to various articles that can help you grow as a blogger. Not only does it help you, I added a link to the top 25 Nigerian blogger list which this blog was listed in. Don’t worry because as usual, you would definitely enjoy the ride on this weeks round up. The links are below.

#1. Strategies To Overcome Writers Block by Oscar Frank
Every blogger at one point or the other finds their self in this mess when you run out of blog content ideas to write about. Well, never worry because I was able to device a strategy that works for me to overcome this and if applied properly, you too can overcome the blogger writers block.

#2. 7 Simple Yet Effective Social Media Tactics You Should Leverage Today  by Neil Patel
Here is a wonderful article I came across on Neil’s blog. You learn the various Social Media tactics that has brought his blog such huge success and in turn created a huge exposure for him. This is a must read article and I recommend it.

Traffic and SEO

#3. Tips To Make Your Blog Stand Out by Oscar Frank
Creating a unique and traffic frequented blog is the dream of every blogger. Here are the tips and tactics to follow in order to win more traffic and as well create a voice and a spectacular blog in the sea of millions for yourself.

#4. Top 25 Bloggers in Nigeria To Watch Out For In 2014 by Efoghor Joseph Ezie
This is just another round up of top bloggers in Nigeria, according to Efoghor Joseph Ezie, these are the bloggers you need to watch out for in 2014. He is a blogger you need to know, why not head over to read this list up, and remember to share it in your circles.

#5. How Frequently Should You Publish a Blog Post? by Sue Neal
Cool article by Sue explaining the strategies you should employ in your blog posting frequency. Her writing style and unique quality content made me add her link to this round up, check it up to improve your writing quality based on how frequent you write.

I hope you enjoyed this round up. Add yours to the comment below.


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