The OnePlus 7 Pro’s screen is larger and better than any OnePlus device there has ever been and the difference is amazing. Sadly, the disadvantage is that it has a negative effect on battery life.  Despite the higher 4000mAh battery, you might need your charger after heavy usage of the device. Not to worry though, we have decent tips and tricks that can aid you to ensure your battery lasts longer to enable you to need your charger less. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

how to improve OnePlus 7 pro battery life

1. Check Your Ambient Screwed Timeout Settings

The screen is one huge culprit when it comes to the reason your battery gets drained quickly. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ensure it is off when it is not in use. This is easy. Get into Settings and Dispatch and click “Sleep” to make adjustments to how long the display will remain on when you are not using it. It was set to 1 minute by default but you can reduce it to 30 seconds and you will see the difference it will have on your mobile device.

Go to the display settings, Ambient display will be visible, click on it for the configuration of the number of times the display illuminates when it is off to display information. If you possess “Pick up your phone to show,” the Ambient display will be enabled a lot and it will use up your battery quickly. That can be disabled and set to “Tap the screen to show” to be in charge fully over when it is activated, so you can enable it less.

2. Uninstall Apps You Rarely Use

Using the application optimization will usually end the trouble of applications that you do not use, using up your battery. But this is not always the answer. The way to know for sure that an application will not tamper with your battery is to uninstall it completely. The application can be reinstalled later when you are certain you need it.

Uninstallation can be done via the Play Store interface or “Apps & Notifications,” but the OxygenOS launcher also gives you a great one-click uninstall option when you long-press any application icon on the home screen.

3. Configure Battery Saver

The OxygenOS battery saver mode is quite basic. You are allowed to enable it manually whenever via the notification shade quick settings, which is very useful if your battery is reducing faster than you expect and your charger is not nearby. It should be set up to instantly turn on at a particular battery percentage too.

Head into Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. Enable it automatically and then decide on the percentage at which you want that to take place.

When battery saver is is activated, the phone will limit applications in the background to reduce their drain when they are not being used. It also decreases screen brightness too, disable some features, and limits total performance to ensure you get the most out of the capacity.

4. Choose Which Applications To Optimize

OnePlus allows you to optimize some apps for reduced battery usage. It can be located in Battery settings under Battery optimization. Application optimization takes place automatically after the analysis of how often you use specific apps, but you can also force an application to be optimized or see to it that optimization never happens.

Games, news applications, media applications e.t.c are totally okay to optimize, since you have no qualms when they wake up in the background because you only need them to function correctly when you are using them.


5. Drop The Screen Resolution And Refresh Rate

In addition to being regarded as the phone with the largest screen OnePlus has ever released, it is also the first QHD Resolution screen and the first that comes with a 90Hz refresh rate. These two features are capable of enhancing your viewing experience when you use the OnePlus 7Pro, but they also require more battery, which is not with the screen but with the number of phone resources it needs to push around the pixels. You can make adjustments to the two parameters to preserve your battery.

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In “Display,” locate Resolution and select FHD+. You might not be able to detect the difference, but if you try it out, but if you actually notice a difference, try Auto Switch to let the device select FHD+ when it wants instead of remaining on QHD+ always. Taking it a step further, locate Screen refresh rate and have it reduced to 60Hz the manual way and this will save your battery even if we do not advise this. You purchased the OnePlus 7 Pro, in part, for that amazing 90Hz refresh rate; it has to be kept enabled at least.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve OnePlus 7 pro battery life. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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