If you keep up to date with the Nigerian mobile industry, you must have noticed that two brands seem to have toppled every other player in the affordable mobile phone section. With the demise of Tecno came two Chinese names that seem to be running things right up till now as we speak. The two brands are Infinix and InnJoo Mobile.

Today we are briefly going to be looking at two smartphones from the stables of these two firing guns: the Infinix Hot and InnJoo Fire.

Infinix Hot vs Innjoo Fire


The two smartphones share similar screen properties. The InnJoo Fire fires with a 5-inch HD (720 pixels by 1280) touchscreen while its Infinix counterpart comes with a 5-inch display that measures 480 x 854 pixels in resolution.

Now, don’t get too carried away by the numbers because on a closer inspection, the Hot seems to render sharper colors than the Fire. Both handsets offer amazing pictures albeit.

Winner: Infinix Hot


You have to give this one up to the InnJoo Fire. Released earlier this month (June 2015), the Fire is more neatly designed and finished than the Hot which came out in 2014 rocking a superb design as well but stands no chance against the InnJoo phone in what the eyes see.

Winner: InnJoo Fire


Both devices run on customized editions of Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat OS also known as KitKat. The Infinix Hot came out when KitKat was reigning while the InnJoo Fire came out in the time of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Both phones offer just about the same features due to the similarities in their OSes but the Infinix just got a slight push as it seems to be the one running more buttery between the pack but this is not enough to cruise home with a win.

Winner: Draw


The Infinix Hot. No questions.

Winner: Infinix Hot


InnJoo One comes with a sealed 2,500mAh battery, on paper but in the real world, the 2,000mAh battery inside the Infinix Hot — which is user removable — gives the InnJoo device a run for its money.

Winner: InnJoo One


A quick price survey disclosed to us that the InnJoo Fire begins at 18,000 naira minimum while the Infinix Hot is priced exactly or less than 16,000 naira in most retail shops we checked.

Winner: The cheaper phone (Infinix Hot)

Final Verdict

After piping the InnJoo Fire to a 3-2 win, the Infinix Hot carries the day — no wonder this mobile phone is currently the most popular smartphone in Nigeria right now.

You can get these devices from Konga right Now.

Buy Infinix Hot from Konga Now!N16,000

Buy Innjoo Fire from Konga Now! – N17,700


  1. tz rubish ow cn u judge d camera like dat…infinix hot has main mega pixel as 8 while innjoo fire as 5mega pixel nd fo front camera infinixx hot has 2mp while innjoo fire has its as 5 so d winner is innjoo fire

    • Hi Akin,
      I think you are mixing up things here. The Infinix Hot has a 5MP rear camera and not 8MP. I think you might be referring to the Infinix hot note here. BTW, I have both devices and for sure can tell you that Infinix has a better rear cam.
      BTW, thanks for taking out time to leave your wonderful comment.

      • Well not in my case as I have both devices as well, and I can tell you that the Innjoo fire’s battery is wayyyyy better than the infinix’s.. .. . Nice review BTW.

        A little heads up….. There’s an error in the battery comparison part.. … . Innjoo one? 😮

        Keep Kicking Ass. 🙂

  2. I have tested the two phones and if I’m to choose one between the two, I will go for Innjoo fire. Reason being that Innjoo fire has a better design and better display.


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