After I made it public to you guys my faithful readers 2 days ago on my article titled “Get Traffic To Your Blog Using OscarMini Weekly Link RoundUps” on how I would be starting Link RoundUps on this blog, the article received a whole lot of positive comments and acceptance and has encouraged me to go on with this.

Here today I bring to you a list of 10 top articles I’ve come across this week on the web, and remember members of our forum who syndicate their contents and are also active there get featured on our weekly Friday Link RoundUps. You can Read This Article if you would love your article to be featured on our Link RoundUps.

Now straight back to why we are here. I bring to you best 10 articles for the week, don’t worry searching that’s why i’m here. These articles are really educative and fall in a wide variety of Niches. Check them below.

Make Money Online Category

#1. 5 Best Adsense Earners In the World by Chity Anis
This article really is amazing, it gives you the top 5 people making money using adsense in the world and their monthly earning values. I really fell in love with it and decided to share it with you.

#2. My Online Earning Sources by Suresh Khanals
Suresh made this article with the various sources he uses in making money with his blog, some of the way which include Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Affiliate Marketing and more.  Check it out.

#3.  4 Google Adsense Alternatives That Worked for Me by Oscar Frank
This is an article I wrote some time ago, as I came across it yesterday, I decided to add it up to this list. It contains Adsense Alternatives I’ve tried and which have paid me.

Blogging Tips

#4. How To Promote Your Blog Posts by Nwosu Mavtrevor
Unique article and cool to read if you really want to know where and how to promote your blog posts after publishing. I guess you need to know this if you get little traffic to your blog.

#5. The 3 Most Common Mistakes Bloggers Make When Choosing A Niche by Joseph Adediji
These are the most common mistakes bloggers, especially the newbies make when going into niche blogging. You can know and avoid them now by simply reading through this article

#6. How Load Time Affects Google Rankings by Neil Patel
If you wish to know why you have not been ranking on Google after doing a whole lot of SEO right, then you probably need to read this. How your Load Time affects your SEO.

Social Media, SEO and Traffic

#7. Link Building Strategies – The Complete List by Jon Cooper
If you love to learn how to build backlinks to your blog for a better Search Engine Position, Ranking, high Page Rank and also more traffic, then this list is for you.

#8. Want to Be Amazing at Repackaging Your Older Posts For More Traffic? Here is How by Theodore Nwangene
Cool article that would guide you through making your old blog post into traffic machines.

General Tech News

#9. Top 7 Higest Internet Users By Country by Nirmala Santhakumar
The top users of the Internet in the world, and probably why. For me, this can help in channeling and creating products that I can offer them and make money. Read this and think out of the box on how to maximize this article.

#10. List of 100 Plus Blogs That Allow Guest Blogging by Anil Agarwal
Another hot article for those considering link building, you can find out different blogs that accept guest posts, this list is categorized by niches.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful compilation? Let us know what you think about this post, and remember, if you wish to get your article featured on our weekly FridayL ink RoundUps, then you must Read Get Traffic To Your Blog Using OscarMini Weekly Link RoundUps.  

Make sure you check back next Friday for the a hotter link round up, you sure would love it. Our Links are Dofollow also.

I wish you the best blogging. Bye.


  1. Thank you Oscar for including my post in the roundup post. I truly appreciate the mention and the link luv.

    I hope the roundup posts will pull attention to your blog more and help building community.

  2. Good work Oscar 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post.

    Yes, I specifically created th highest internet users post for the online money makers to target the audience.

    Keep updating your blog with link roundup.

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