Once again it’s Friday, and I bring to you the second edition of our Friday Link round up which I began last week. I hope you are really enjoying the ride here on OscarMini? As you all know, this is to help you my faithful readers by giving you the top 10 articles as I rate them which I came across this week.

I wouldn’t love to fool you guys, this week I was really busy with my offline activities and I didn’t have enough time to go through the whole web, ūüôā , anyways, I’ll give you links to the few best articles which came my way.

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Make Money Online Category

#1. 5 Simple Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online by Don Caprio A useful piece for people who shop online, you can learn how to save your money while you make simple purchases on the internet. #2. How to Make Money Online With Facebook by Oscar Frank In this article, I wrote a detailed guide on how you can make money online simply by using your Facebook social media account. You might wonder if this is even possible, this article will expose the little secrets you never knew about.

Blogging Tips

#3.  4 Questions You Need To Ask before You Write Your Next Guest Post by Obaidul Haque In this article, though a guest article also, Obaidul explains the various factors you need to consider if you really want to venture into guest postings which can be as a result of traffic sourcing or backlinks.

#4. Domain Name Suggestion Tools by Ana Hoffman
In this post, Ana outlines 10 tools which could come in handy if you are about choosing a domain name for your online business, blog, website or organisation.

#5. 6 Things To Do Before Publishing A Post by  Oscar Frank
If you do want to write a blog post that catches attention and grabs lots of comments, there are some basic rules you need to follow, and these rules are laid out in this post to teach you some rudiments in blogging.

As I said earlier, I was not always online reading as before this past one week, that’s the reason this article is coming this late and also I didn’t update the list to 10 links as usual. I’m really sorry and hope you understand.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful compilation? Let us know what you think about this post, and remember, if you wish to get your article featured on our weekly FridayL ink RoundUps, then you must Read Get Traffic To Your Blog Using OscarMini Weekly Link RoundUps.  

Make sure you check back next Friday for the next link round up, you sure won’t regret you did. Thanks for stopping by anyway.


  1. The domain name tools and the ways to save money while shopping online are my favorite posts …This is a great idea of piling up your weekly posts dude ! Vistors like me can find their favorite posts sat one place.



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