We have been moving progressively ever since the launch of the Link RoundUps Initiative on this blog, and I know you are loving it. If you are reading our Link RoundUp post for the first time, then I guess you have to read this article “Get Traffic To Your Blog Using OscarMini Weekly Link RoundUps” .

Here are some of the nicely written articles I came across this week and know you definitely would love to read. This articles would help improve your blogging experience and I’m sure you would be grateful I shared this with you today.

Without much waste of your precious time, below are the articles I’ve been talking about.


#1. 30 Quick Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know by Neil Patel
This is one of the best comments I came across this week, in here, Neil lists and explains content marketing tips for marketers to promote their online business. It is a most read if you truly are a marketer, and want the best for your online business.

#2. 5 Reasons Why I would Reject Your Guest Post by Oscar Frank
This blog post would teach you the various criteria to take a quick look at if you really want to start accepting Guest Blog posts on your blog. If you really want to keep a lively blogging community around your blog, then this article is a must read for you. Simply check it out.

#3. Health Precautions To Take When Working From Home by Nidazaidi
For most of we blogger who take out a whole lot of time in front of a PC, here, the various risks we expose ourselves to are outlined and how to avoid them. If you wish not to harm your health just because of your blogging career, then this article is for you.

Make Money Online Tips

#4. How To Increase Your Blog’s Income Without A Traffic Increase by Prince Molak
When I read this article, I was amazed at how this article really would help those who have a decent amount of blog traffic yet earn penny from their blogs. This article approaches that with a totally new perspective and thus teaches you how to earn more money from your blog.

#5. Make Money Blogging – What You Must Do To Succeed by Enstine Muki
This article kept me going back to the blog and I even shared it on my social media accounts. It is simply a comprehensive guide to making money blogging, in this article, Enstine teaches you various ways to make money with your blog and how to maintain a community around it. It is a must read article for you.

Social Media, SEO and Traffic

#6. How To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog Fast by Oscar Frank
If you are thinking of improving traffic to your blog, then this is a must read for you. It contains the basic tips and tricks bloggers need to perform in order to pull the desired amount of traffic they need to their blogs. Make sure you check this article out.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful compilation? Let us know what you think about this post, and remember, if you wish to get your article featured on our weekly FridayL ink RoundUps, then you must Read Get Traffic To Your Blog Using OscarMini Weekly Link RoundUps.  

Make sure you check back next Friday for another edition of our link round up, you sure would love it. 

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  1. Nice initiative! This is my first time of reading your link roundups and I love it. Apart from the fact that it helps get traffic to the owners blog, it also increase the readers’ knowledge.

    I hope I will get some of my blog articles to be feature as soon as my blog is back to life.

  2. Hey bro,
    Thanks for the shout out on this post. I also can link to some other important articles you have listed.

    I love the strategy

  3. Dude ! I’ve gone through all the links in this post …Its very difficult for me to choose the top 3 because all the articles were awesome .


  4. Thanks for presenting the useful roundup post every week.

    Hope I came across most of the posts which you’ve listed here and will check the missed posts.

    Keep rounding-up the great posts 🙂

  5. Nice reading this was my first reading and I’m not desappointed
    cool ways to get traffic indeed and making money online!
    shared your post everywhere
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you Oscar for listing the great posts of the week. I’m happy to find I’ve already read all of these posts.

    Your roundup has really made it easy to check if I missed any important posts. Keep it up!

  7. Hi Oscar,

    I’m planning to start link roundup on my blog. However, I would really appreciate if you share your experience with this kind of roundup articles. What are the exact benefits that you get by doing link roundup?

    I may start doing monthly link round up.

  8. Tremendous round-up and idea here. I am thinking about running a round-up on my blog, once each week, to foster more of a sense of community. Thanks for giving me the keen idea Oscar!

  9. Hello Oscar,
    These are some lovely link roundup you selected. But like two of the roundup are from your blog. but that’s ok to remind people to see your previous works, right? Thanks for the post and do have a blessed week ahead


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