Once again is Friday and as usual I have brought to you another edition of the Friday Link Round-Up on this blog. From the responses I’ve gotten so far, I’ve been encourages to continue in rounding up links of useful blog post contents I come across within the week. In case you have been missing previous round ups, you can check the Archives for Round-Up and enjoy the ride on my blog.

Here, I’ll list the best articles I came across this week, their authors and hope you’ll appreciate the articles.


#1. 3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts by Neil Patel
Neil doesn’t stop amazing me with his wonderful articles, I came across this one yesterday and it made it’s way straight to the top of my list. Here he explains ways to improve content marketing and some examples such as the “grab the Attention of a Drunk Person” make this article unique from all I’ve read about content marketing. You simply need to go through this article I must say.

#2. Why I Ditched Google Comments System  by Pawan Bawdane
Interesting article by Pawan, he explains everything you need to know about the Google plus blog commenting system, his experience with it and his findings are all shared in this article. If you have been thinking of replacing your native commenting system with the Google Plus, then this post is for you.

Traffic and SEO

#3. How I Get Traffic To My Blog Without Google (Part 2) – Email Marketing by Oscar Frank
In this article, which is actually a continuation of a series on how I pull massive traffic to my blog without Google, I simply explained in the details how I use email marketing in achieving such tremendous amount of traffic to this blog. You too can, simply read the article to learn more.

#4. How I Attracted 173,509 Visitors On My 3 Months Old Blog by Kulwant Nagi
This is a case study on a new blog Nagi created, though URL withheld, but there is sure evidence, with the various tips he applied to gain such a massive exposure and inviting earning from the blog in such a short period of time. Check the article out.

#5. How To Discover Thousands Of Profitable Keywords In Minutes Using SEMrush by Tung Tran
Here, Tran discusses the methods he implements in searching for keywords that can earn him money in a long/short run in niche blogging, he finds out how profitable it is using the SEMrush tool. You too can learn from his pattern.

I hope you did enjoy this edition of our link round up on this blog, I believe you would definitely love this articles listed above. Feel free to letus know what you thin about them using the comment box below.

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I Hope you do love this ROUND-up


  1. All the posts were awesome bro …number 5 Tung and number 3 by yourself were my favorite posts for this week..the articles were something to be learnt from.


  2. Hey Oscar,

    I’m happy that you’ve mentioned my recent blog post about why I ditched Google comments system. Seriously, thanks a lot.
    BTW, how is your blog doing mate?


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