Update 2019: Spectranet Data Plans and Bundles Updated their plans to cheaper and more affordable data bundles. 

This post has been updated severally with the latest Spectranet Data Plans, and that’s the reason you might see varying bundle prices on this page. One thing to note is the fact that the most recent plans available from Spectranet is available at the top of this page.

Spectranet Data Plans/Bundles and Their Prices in 2018/2019

Spectranet Nigeria has a coverage in major cities in Nigeria from Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan. Though they might not cover every city, they offer some of the best data bundle plans in Nigeria. See the Spectranet Data Plans below.

Plan NamePlan CostPlan/DataAdditional BonusValidityAccessSpeed
Unified Value 7GBN5,0007GBNilMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 15GBN7,00015GBNilMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 25GBN10,00025GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 55GBN20,00055GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 110GBN40,000110GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 200GBN70,000200GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Nite Value 20GB (*)N7,50020GBNilMonthly7pm – 7amUnlimited Burstable
Unified Nite Value 40GB (*)N11,00040GBNilMonthly7pm – 7amUnlimited Burstable

It is also important to note that according to the website, you get Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am – 7am.

The below prices and data bundles found below are those that were previously announced by the company. So might want to consume and compare previous plans with the new Spectranet Data Plans above.

In the quest for cheap and affordable data bundle plans in Nigeria, I decided to have a test of other Internet Service Providers in the country. Thinking of which to choose from, Swift and Spectranet came to mind.

Spectranet Data Plans and Bundles

I headed over to make my research on which would serve me best and discovered that I could only make use of Spectranet 4G LTE Plans since they were available down here in Abuja unlike the other which was only available for Lagosians.

I actually had to go over to their office, made a purchase of their modem and paid for the plan I felt was best for my internet activities. The speed is way out of this world as compared to other internet service providers in Nigeria. Infact their speed hits 2MBps most times which is far better than MTN’s 300+KBps.

Below is a complete list of all spectranet data plans (4G LTE plans) in Nigeria.

Spectranet LTE Connect Data Plans

These are basic plans you might want to consider for your personal use. They work 24×7 all through the month.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity
Data Volume
LTE Connect 700024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days7GBN7000
LTE Connect 850024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days15GBN8500
LTE Connect 1050024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days17GBN10500
LTE Connect 1250024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days20GBN12500
LTE Connect 1550024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days25GBN15500
LTE Connect 1850024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days30GBN18500

Spectranet LTE Business Data Plans

I guess this would serve mini firms who make use of the internet.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity
Data Volume
LTE Business 3750024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days65GBN37500
LTE Business 5600024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days80GBN56000

Spectranet LTE Nite Data Bundle Plans

The Nite plans are quite affordable and great for people who are willing to sacrifice their nights for cheap internet surfing.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity
Data Volume
LTE Nite 50008pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days15GBN5000
LTE Nite 75008pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days25GBN7500

Spectranet LTE Top Up

There can be situations where you use up your data plan before the validity period comes to an end, never worry as spectranet makes it easy to top up your data bundle for N1000 only.

Plan NameValidity
Data Volume
LTE Top-Up 1000Till Expiry Date Of Your Primary Plan2GBN1000

NOTE: The Spectranet LTE Nite Plans work 24×7 on Sundays and any other public holidays.

These are one of the best data bundle plans around as compared to our major telecom networks.

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  1. Thanks for this useful post, i have been looking of the best way to get a cheap data for my new series and also a way to minimize it, once again thank you

  2. Hope they wont start messing up like swift once millions of Nigerians purchase their modems. Swift expect me to come pay close to 15k to change the opsulate wifi modem i bought from them to a MIFI, THEIR ADVERT SAID COME AND EXCHANGE IT WITH N5000 BUT WHEN YOU GET TO THEIR ADENIRAN OGUNSANYA;S OFFICE , THEY WILL START GIVING YOU TERMS AND CONDITION, ASKING when last did u load it, that you must load of to 10k to be able to exchange it for mifi so you are to pay 15k again.

  3. How much are their modems or starter packs & whatsapp with the advert 20gig applicable in Lagos on their website, cheers

  4. please we need you here in Osun state…enough of these other network provider just taking our money and never give us good network

  5. Hi, I live in Obed Igwe Street, Ewedogbon Bus Stop, Off LASU-IBA Expressway, Lagos State, Alimosho LGA. Do have coverage within this area?

  6. Oscar i admire your courage, but does spractranet has a model? And when do you think it will have network in the eastern states of nigeria.

  7. Oscar please how much is their model? And am interested in beign a distributor in my area. How do i go about that?

  8. Just to correct a little misinformation: Spectranet unused data can be rolled over if you renew your subscription before it expires. Once you allow it to expire you lose it.


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