Are you one of those guys that make a lot of phone calls, or you prefer phone calls to chatting on social network like I do, then, the MTN Bundle4U is for you. MTN Bundle4U offers you airtime for national calls, international calls to some selected countries, national SMS and data for surfing the internet.
The MTN Bundle4U is of two types, Xtravoice and Xtradata. XtraVoice offers airtime over data, while XtraData offers you data over airtime.

Let’s see the XtraVoice bundle packages

  • With 300, you get N975 + 50MB (7 days validity)
  • 500, you get N1,950 + 100MB (7 days validity)
  • 1000, you get N3,875 + N312.50MB (14 days)
  • 2000, you get N9,750 + 625MB (30 days)
  • 5000, you get N24,500 + 1666.67MB (30 days)
    MTN Bundle4U

How To Subscribe

Send the appropriate keyword in an sms to 131 e.g V300 to 131

MTN has amazingly been good to us recently, I think this is a nice strategy to make all those runaway customers to come back and patronize them. Note that this doesn’t work for Beta Talk Subscribers.
What do you think about this? Is MTN having a Win Win situation here? Let’s hear from you.


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