When you see statistics from the most successful blog sites boasting about the number of views they’ve had that month, you are probably seeing the views from a bunch of dedicated visitors who return every day to check the blog for updates. This is something that you, as a blog owner, need to understand – it’s those returning visitors who will be the basis of your income and revenue. While it’s great to advertise and get new visitors to your web page, you want to keep them once they’re there; here are just a few ways that you can make sure that you get regular blog visitors.

how to maintain a continous traffic flow on your blog

Traffic Retaining Strategies Every Blogger Should Know

1. Use RSS feeds

If you aren’t computer literate, the idea of RSS feeds might scare you. However they are simply a way for visitors to keep up to date with what articles they have seen and what they haven’t; by installing a feed, you will remind them to view your latest articles and make sure that they return. They do require a bit of research, but are worth the time and effort.

2. Make pictures that can be shared

People like to post things that they’ve found on the Internet onto social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you can guarantee that they’ll see an image which they can then share with their friends on every visit, they will keep coming back. This might be harder for blogs that are targeted at a niche market, but even cooking blogs can do this – the greater your finished products look, the more people will want to share that image.

3. Good branding

You want a name and website domain that will stand out and be memorable. Most people won’t use their favorites list to add blogs to: they will usually just remember the name of a blog and Google it. Make sure that you have a good brand going, with a consistent image that you are trying to project – you’ll become memorable and draw visitors back.

4. Have a useful blog

A good way to keep people coming back to your blog is to have a useful blog that they want to read. Can you provide lists of things that otherwise they’d need to search for? Give movie or book recommendations – those sorts of things will draw your audience back time and time again.

5. Start a Weekly Blog

A series of blogs that follow a theme and are in parts can be a good way to ensure that you keep regular blog visitors. It has been said that these tend to discourage new visitors from sticking around, but as long as you have an accessible blog post that shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Incorporate jokes

While this won’t work for all blogs, it’s a continuation of the second point: people want things that they can repeat to their friends. If you are a funny person, and have a style that translates well to the written form, then try adding in jokes or funny anecdotes which people want to read and share with their friends.

7. Keep it Upbeat

Nobody wants to come back to a blog that is somber and not entertaining. A key reason why people avoid the news is that they don’t like spending leisure time hearing about upsetting things; the same applies to your blog articles. If you make them feel good about themselves after each visit, they’ll want to come back for more the next time they are feeling a bit down.

8. Create a blog newsletter

If you are a well-established website, you might consider starting a monthly or fortnightly email blog that contains a list of popular and relevant articles to your readers. This will encourage those who perhaps forgotten about your blog to start viewing it again, and ensure that regular readers will come back.

9. Make things relevant to the time

One great way to bring people back to your blog is to make sure that you are giving regularly updates on things relevant to the time. Can you use your blog to comment on current events?

10. Have a comments section

I don’t know about you, but I love to read (and participate in!) a good debate in the comments section of newspapers and blogs. As the blog owner you can play devil’s advocate: keep things moving by giving controversial opinions as an anonymous guest that will liven up the discussion. Most people hate to leave an argument without having given their two cents worth, so they will come back to check on the update of the debate.

I hope you love this article and must have learnt how to build a repeat visitor blog. Happy blogging.


  1. I like the jokes tip. Sometimes rather than continually educating or trying to sell I think you need to make people laugh.

  2. Hey Oscar,
    The points you shared here are really valid ones and ones that I already have been incorporating on my blog. Will try the rest this year though.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!


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