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o2TvSeries is the home of most if not all of American TV Series, just as the name implies. Any kind you are looking to see in whatever genre, o2tv Series Caters to you.  Are you looking to follow up a Comedy series you might have bumped into and don’t know where to get the entire thing or is it a Thriller, Horror or Adventure based TV Series? How about a Science Fiction? o2TvSeries is your best bet.

Guess what, the website has a very friendly user interface (it is easy to shuffle through the website without feeling like you do not know what you are doing) and is very organized so you find what you are looking for without stress. Now that’s my kind of thing, I don’t know about you.

o2TvSeries free movies download

We have been going on about you being able to find whatever kind of TV Series you are looking for but what about the Video format? (I know you are thinking that at the back of your mind). We are the bearer of good news, o2TvSeries affords you the opportunity to watch videos in high and quality formats depending on your Internet Data speed and availability. I know I said we bring good news but we even have a better news, you get to watch your desired TV Series choice in a high-quality format all for free. Yes! For free, no subscriptions and no paying before downloading, it’s just you, your laptop and internet provider and you have you a cinema at the convenience of your home. Thank us later!


The content of this post does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals, groups, organizations, business or other bodies who may wish to download or make use of the information provided on the said website (www.o2tvseries.mobi). We wish to state clearly that we shall not be held liable for the management of information off the website by the audience solely because we are making this review as a result of requests from several users on how to download from FzTvSeries as this post is just a review of the said website and for informational (i.e. educational) purpose.  Now we have gotten that out of the way. Let us head back to the purpose of this post.

Browsing The O2TvSeries Website

On launching the website at www.o2tvseries.com, the site logo which we find rather colorful (in our very own opinion) is what you are presented with. Now, you realize first hand that this website looks very put together and organized, it’s almost impossible not to find what it is you are searching for in the very few minutes of launching this website so we are officially giving O2TvSeries that credit for doing such a good job.

How To Search for Choice TV Series on O2TvSeries

Directly below the logo, you get to find the search bar which enables you key in a word, a group of words or the entire TV series title (in this context) you desire to see.

When the title is typed in on the search bar and you go ahead to click on the search button, you will find all the possible item linked to your search (season number and some episode number) after this, the drop-down menu from the title you typed gives you two options to sort from. So you can either sort by Relevance or Date if you don’t find what you are looking for right away.

Recently Added Section

Going lower on the website there is a section tagged “recently added”. In this section, the most recent TV series added or updated on the website is displayed (That can be easily figured out from the name). This is for the benefit of regular users of the website. If you ask my opinion.

These recently updated TV Series are queued into the website by the name of the series’ first, then by the season number, followed by the episode number and finally the day it was updated

For instance,

Younger-Season 05-EpisodeO8-[01/08]

Furthermore, you should be fully aware that this list of recently added TV Series does not give you a direct link to download these Series so don’t bother clicking on them. It is just there to inform you of the newest addition.

List of TV Series Section

This section right here is the main course of this meal. After the recently added section, the list of TV section follows immediately after the “Recently Added” section. This segment of the website is organized in alphabetical order (it is a list of TV series organized from letter A-Z)

There are Nine (9) rows broken down in three alphabets per rows highlighting the first character of the TV Series. For instance,

A-B-C (Arrow, Bones, Castle etc)

D-E-F (eg  Dexter Friends etc)

G-H-I up until Y-Z-#

Where # is represented with TV Series with numbers for the title (eg 24, 2 Broke girls)

How To DOWNLOAD On O2TvSeries

  • Clicking on any row containing the TV Series first title character loads another page that shows a list of TV Series that fall within that segment.
  • Go ahead to click on any TV Series title that you find intriguing
  • You have come this far, you can’t stop here now. Your selection loads another page that:
  1. Gives a brief description of the TV Series
  2. Casts
  3. Genres
  4. Run Time
  5. Number of Seasons
  6. And other minor details about your choice
  • Select the Season Number, then the episode number you are interested in
  • Now scroll down to the “Download File” section. You are then given options to choose from. Pick any of the following: 3gp, mp4 or High mp4 (HD quality) to initiate the download process
  • Easily click on download and have it downloaded

Video Extensions, Formats & Quality Available on O2TvSeries

There are basically three (3) video extension, formats or quality available on the o2tvSeries website; 3GP, MP4 or HD MP4 (High Definition quality).

  • 3GP is of poor quality and mostly for pretty old mobile phones. This video format cannot be compared to the others and we do not recommend it.
  • MP4 on this video site has both the low quality and HD (High Definition). HD most likely would be at 720p resolution which produces better viewing quality. We recommend downloading the HD resolution for the best quality here. But you should note that this quality would come with the highest data consumption rate. You should expect that for the best quality of movie quality on

Be careful to read the “Problem with Download” Section of the website if in any case, you encounter any challenge during your download. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you are experiencing any more challenges with regards to this post. We hope this post was beneficial to you, do not forget to like and share to motivate us to bring you more information.

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