Powerful To-Do List apps do not just offer the appropriate assistance you need for task management, they also do all they can to boost your productivity. In order to take full advantage of this, here is my top 10 to-do list managing apps For Android

1. Wunderlist


This app is free. It is such a powerful to-do list managing app that Microsoft paid good money to purchase it 4 years ago. The app lets you create to-do lists you can share with friends and coworkers. The app also has editing capabilities. Its design is sleek and user-considerate. Adding or removing items from this list is very easy and simple. Working on sub-tasks, due date, and the remainder is also a straight-forward process.

2. Todoist


This app has been here a long time. It allows you set-up tasks by date, color codes e.t.c. It is well designed and user-friendly. The app is available on every major platform like Web, iOS, and Android apps, apps for Windows, and OSX.

It does well to integrate with services like Google drive, Sunrise Calendar. You also get to create sub-tasks, projects.

3. Trello


This is a leading project management app. The simple concept this app operates with is – boards and within-boards – Its within-boards contain cards and these cards are home to lists which are useful for tracking the progress of a project or categorization. It is reasonably priced so it won’t hurt your budget.

4. ToodleDo


This is a user-friendly tool for setting up easy to-do lists on Android. It is solely focused on your tasks. Under very task, priority ratings, due dates, reminders e.t.c are catered for. It recently had a change in design that has made it more beautiful to stare at.

5.  Any.Do

top to-do list managing apps For Android

Well designed and delivers all the qualities you deserve in a to-do list app. This includes drag-to-drop and swipe-to-complete features. You are also allowed to use “the moment.” option – A push notification that helps you plan your day.

You get to experience its voice entry feature and the shaking-your-device feature to do away with finished lists. It has a Chrome extension.

6. Things


This app is pretty. Presently called Things 3, it is intuitive, brilliantly-designed, and extremely easy-to-use. Its due date feature might need more work but it makes up for it by offering other important features for your use. A full Apple support is guaranteed. If you are desperate for an app to go about managing your tasks with, this is the app for you.

7. Tick Tick

10 to-do list managing apps For Android

New in the game but with massive potential, Tick Tick offers adding new tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines, reminders alongside sharing with other users. Higher versions offer better calendar view to help you see what your to-do list looks like.

It also contains a revision history and an experimental lab. As it caters for mobile apps, Windows and Mac are not left out.

8. Google Keep

Google keep

This is a great tool for users that just need a platform to quickly make and save lists and notes to be accessed on multiple devices at a later time. It is a straight-forward application that connects to Google-drive, where checklists, images, voice notes can be kept. Google drive users will prefer this over other apps on this list.

9. OmniFocus


Might be quite expensive, but iOS users with multiple projects and tasks to track will find it useful. This app also helps to organize all items in a superb way and shape. On its home screen, your upcoming to-do lists are summarized, plus you also get to see color badges that displays what and what is in need of your attention as you stare. Not so simple, but this app is a great learning curve.

10. Habitica


Game lovers will have fun with this one. Formerly called Habit RPG, this is a habit building app you can get on iOS and Google PlayStore to transform your to-do list items into an archaic-themed, role-playing game. Missing deadlines or failing to cross things off completely takes its tow on your health and ensures your character remains stagnant. It is an interesting app that lets you improve and build on good habits. It also gives you reasons to cancel things on your to-do list.

Hope you found this list of to-do list managing apps for Android, very useful. Any making your days more productive, you can select any of these apps, to fill in your daily objectives. If you have other recommendations, kindly drop them in the comment box below.



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