what is google adsense
If you are knew to the blogosphere or the internet in terms of making money online with your blog, then you must have probably been asking this questions, “What is Google Adsense?”, “How do I make Money Online?” “How do I make Money Blogging?”.
If you are still at this point, I would be explaining everything you need to know about the Google Adsense Publishers Program in this post.

What is Google Adsense Publishers Program?

Adsense is a contextual ad (advertising) program owned and run by Google, this program allows website owners/bloggers to generate revenue from their websites by placing the ads from the Google Adwords network on their websites. Anytime an Advert is clicked by one of the publishers web visitor (that is when visitors on the publishers website click an ad), the website owners earn a percentage of the revenue charged by Google.

One cool thing about Google Adsense is, Ads placed on your website are not just random adverts, but Ads which are related to the content of the very page a visitor is reading or visited. Isn’t this great ¬†as you won’t bore your visitor with unrelated adverts.

I know the next thing on your mind is how you can join this program in order to make a living online, well it’s simple to join the Adsense program only if your Blog or Website meet the Adsense Team Requirements.

How To Join Google Adsense

Creating an Adsense Account isn’t rocket science, simply visit the Adsense Signup Page Here, then make your application by filling in forms. You must have a Gmail Account to start with. Your Application should be accepted or rejected within 48 hours and you do not have to wait for a long time.

If you have been accepted, you can then Generate the Advert Javascripts to place on your Website.
The placement option is up to you. Note that ads are more visible at top positions and you earn more in such placements than ads been placed down the page.

Method Of Payments

Google Adsense pay their publishers through the use of Paypal (for countries that are PayPal Approved), and through Cheques which would be sent to you (if you are not in a Paypal Coverage country list).

Now you know What the Google Adsense Publisher Program is all about, why not immediately give it a trial. Happy Blogging.


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