Probably all of you who don’t use the bb10 device would still be rocking the etisalat unlimited 5 minuts data bundle, and for those of you using the bb10 devices, I’m sorry it’s bad news, you can’t use it on your device, by the way Android users are enjoying it now. Hehehe, do you wish you had an android device? Lols okay let me break a good news to you, you can use android apps on your bb10 you can see how to do that here.


BB10 users should be greatful to blackberry producers for producing a well-built battery for the device, unlike every other blackberry device.

Lets go to the main reason why we are here actaully every bb10 user knows that the bb10 device sucks data just like every android device. And no normal bis subscription works with it, making it difficult for its users.
Okay, here you’ll know which network in Nigeria provides the best bb10 subscription.

Best Data Plan for BB10


MTNUnlike MTN normal bis subscription that offers 3gb+ for just N1,500 only, the data cap for mtn bb10 goes for 260mb for N1,000, 500mb for N1,500 and 1.5gb for 3,000.

OMG! This is too much for one too afford for such little data. The only advantage of this subscription is that you can use it to browse on your computer on the go.


AIRTELThat of Airtel seems to be same as MTN. All airtel users and MTN users have same bb10 data subscription.

Of what essence is it to subscribe for the Airtel bb10 3k subscription that offers 1.5gb, when you can get 2gb for N1,500 with the tip of your hands.
What do you think?


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ETISALATProbably I don’t think I should have mention Etisalat here, but for some reasons let me put it on my list.
Etisalt bb10 subscription is thesame with that of MTN and AIRTEL.
At the outset Etisalat usually offered 3gb for 1,000 and now it has been blocked for reasonse best known to them.


GLOActually Glo seems to be the best as at this time. Lets see how..
MTN offers 1.5gb for #3,000, while Glo offers 3GB for thesame amount.
Glo bb10 1,400 package offers you 2GB for 1,500 and on the other hand MTN and other networks offer you 500mb for th esame 1,500. So what do you think?

Over here, judging with the above details, I still believe that Glo bb10 data bundle is the best. What do you think?


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