App developers are doing bits nowadays as they try to enhance our mobile phones and tabs. A lot of Android applications actually get released on a daily basis and it has actually become hard for us to keep track of them all. For phone users that will like to try something really new, something completely fresh out of the oven, let’s check out our list of 10 Best Fresh Android Apps From August.

1. Checketry

Fresh Android Apps In August

This is a fresh download manager for Android. But rather than working with your on-device downloads, this one is effective with your PC downloads. You can use it for Steam downloads along with Firefox, Chrome, EA Origin,, and even uTorrent and BitTorrent. Just download the application on your device and PC, sync up, and you’re set to monitor.

2. Gallery Go

Fresh Android Apps In August

This is a new application from Google. It works like an offline-capable version of Google Photos. With it, you can see all of your pictures. It functions with SD cards plus it comes with an auto-enhance feature for those that do not like editing their personal pictures. This app helps to organize your photos at night by sorting them by people, selfies, nature, animals, and other such things.

3. Hex Installer

Fresh Android Apps In AugustThis is a theming application for your Samsung phones. It comes with sixty themeable apps, sixteen color options, 3rd party apps support, and live previews to monitor your progress. It makes use of an identical method to Synergy so if you are a fan of that, you would know what to do. Just adhere to the instructions if you want to get the perfect result.

4. mnml Launcher Early Access

This is a fresh, minimal launcher from the programmer that gave us Art walls and AMOLED mnml X wallpaper apps. It is still in progress but its potential is massive.

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It comes with a very uncomplicated UI with basically a front page and an app drawer. We will still advice you to hang on to your other launchers for now but it will not be a bad choice very soon.

5. Night Vision/ToF Viewer

Fresh Android Apps In AugustThis is a very special camera app that will cost you nothing. It is not effective with your regular camera sensor like most camera apps do but it gets the job done. Users have access to depth information, confidential information, edge detection and seeing what it actually looks like is possible via the lens. However, you must know that it only works with specific devices that come with a time of flight sensor.

6. Philo

Fresh Android Apps In August

Still, on the topic of best fresh Android apps in August, Philo is another highly recommended app. This is a fresh video streaming service. It is an on-demand video service that is identical to Hulu and Netflix. It comes with several shows like AMC, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, HGTV, Food Network and so on.

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It has its disadvantage though because it does not support Chromecast yet, and that is a major drawback. However, all in all, it is not a bad app to use.

7. Post-it

Fresh Android Apps In AugustThis is a note-taking application and it makes use of Post-it note graphics for a brilliant and exciting note-taking experience. Users can share notes, organize notes, and export to things like Excel, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and PDF. It concentrates on fun than functionality right now even if that will surely change with a few updates.

8. Ruff

Image result for Ruff app

This is another note-taking application but it is quite different from Post-it. It is one huge notepad file and you get to write anything you want with it. It is a proper choice for creative writers, people who use lists and other longer-form notes.

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The version that is free will grant you access to one big text page while the premium version comes with a stash feature, various notes, and other features. Its design is admirable.

9. Squarespace

It was unveiled as a fresh Android application recently and it is worth using. With the app, you can manage your website. Users will be able to add blog posts, upload pictures and design their sites with Squarespace. It is a better choice than using a mobile browser. You will see a few bugs but a lot of them have to do with picture uploads. Improvements are expected but it is still useful right now.

10. Steam Link

Image result for Steam Link app

This is not a new app but its 1st stable version was unveiled in August 2019. The unveiling came with support for two hundred devices plus several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Steam Link allows you to play your Steam games from your computer on your Android phone with a controller. It works like Google Stadia but this time it will be your PC playing the game.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best fresh Android apps in August. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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