Blogging has for some years now transformed from keeping journals about ones self into a fulltime and interesting job for several people around the globe (including myself). For sure, most people like myself started out of the passion we had for the internet and helping others, but who says you can’t take blogging to the bank?

Blogging to the bank could seem pretty easy when you read several income reports from bloggers who make it big, but on the contrary, it hasn’t been what you see from the outside. It requires a flock of hardwork, sleepless nights, making creative articles, doing SEO and much more.

i love blogging

In this article, I’ll give you an explicit view on what makes a successful blogger and how turn your passion into smiling to the bank. Below are simple yet ignored facts you need to know to convert your blog into a full time business.

1. Your Passion

First off, without passion for what you do, you definitely would end up rolling your eyes in exasperation. Trust me, blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme and in your early days, what would keep your fire burning is the passion you have for what you do.

It actually took me a couple of months (if not years) before I landed my first Adsense cheque. What kept me going all those while was the passion I had for the blogosphere and helping others.

Find out what you love doing and do not spread your efforts on things you are not interested in. This would help you carve a niche for yourself and blog. Here are tips to finding a blogging Niche to stick to.

2. Write Like Crazy

You don’t actually need to be crazy to write good articles anyway. One thing I hold on to is this quote by Brian Clark (a british television writer) .

“10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

Write more.
Write even more.
Write even more than that.
Write when you don’t want to.
Write when you do.
Write when you have something to say.
Write when you don’t.
Write every day.
Keep writing.”

Practice they say makes perfect, and the simple secret here is, the more you write, the better you get at it. You firstly have to make extensive research about your niche, craft magnetic articles and most of all, write like crazy. Below are links to articles that will improve your writing.

3. Build A Community

If you wish to make money off blogging, then you need to build a community around your blog. Building a community on the other hand isn’t about getting traffic to your blog, it is all about getting the right target audience around your blog.

Getting a handful of loyal readership, people who are interested in what you do and also respect you as an authority is by far better than getting a ton of readers who are in the real sense not interested in your stuff. Loyal readers can be easily turned into cash since they trust you, and building a community around your blog is all you need to turn this passion into a successful reality. Here are some articles you might find interesting.

4. Promote Your Posts

Hey dear, if you can write the best articles in the cybersphere and do not have a strategic plan laid down to get it over to your target audience, your voice would definitely not be heard. Your voice not been heard would result in your frustration and exit of this career path. I’ve been able to write some articles that you would find helpful in mapping out your own killer strategies to promoting your blog posts.

5. Monetize

After you’ve discovered a Niche, learnt to write killer articles, built a community around your blog and most of all been able to get your articles to the face of millions using your laid down promotion schemes, what’s left to do is MONETIZE your blog.

There are several ways you can monetize your blog and make a living off it. These include applying for Ad companies such as Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks and a host of others. On the other hand, you could sell ads directly to clients at fixed rates of your choice. You could as well make money publishing sponsored reviews. The options are endless, read the below articles to help you in monetizing your blog.

6. Reinvest

If you for sure want to become a full time blogger, then you have to take blogging as a real business. In real businesses, you reinvest your income in order to make more money next time and blogging as a full career shouldn’t be an exception.

There are a number of things to invest into if you wish to build a multimillion dollar blogging organization. Things like a good hosting, good writers, adverts and SEO shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are articles to guide you through this.

7. Rinse and Repeat

After you must have diligently followed the above laid down steps, it’s left for you to rinse and repeat the whole process. Yea, that’s the secret to becoming a successful blogger and living the internet lifestyle.

Other Articles That Would Help

Now Your Turn

Having gone through this post, it’s left for you to implement these tested and trusted strategies, apply them and watch out the magic that plays out. As I said earlier, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, but it really pays in the long run if properly done.

I would love to hear your views. Please do let me know what you think using the comment section below. To your blogging success! Cheers!




  1. this is really wonderful and also very useful. thank u sir for sharing dis wonderful tips with us. it makes me want to write badly.
    maybe i will beat u in d blogging buisness.

    • Hi Imelda,
      I’m glad I’m motivating you into the writing business, you actually deserve to come have a taste. Talking about beating me in the business, the sky is too big for two birds to clash. Hoping to see you soon in the blogosphere. 🙂

  2. Hmmm Nice one, apparently Many people have there aim about Blogging, to me Blogging is all about the money and to me I just before now I won’t have a second though to sell my blog if you show me the money. Any ways tanks here is a new ideal and thought

    • Hi Neon,
      Money actually motivated a lot of people into blogging, but trying to help others and blogging for the passion actually has the money following as a bi-product. Anyway, thanks for finding time to read through this guide, I appreciate.

  3. Hello Oscar,

    It’s sad that many bloggers and information marketers hardly take their blogs as businesses. Most will still prefer a ‘real’ job. I always have reason to ask: “what is a real job?” To this, the answers I get are always pretty funny!! For the records, anything that puts food on your table qualifies as a job! Or if you like, a business. Sadly, many bloggers/info marketers never appreciate an online concern in that regards.

    There are few exceptions anyway.

    Do have a very great day!


    • Hi Terungwa,
      I actually see my blogging to be a full time job and most times wonder why others don’t. This led me into preparing this guide to help people see things from my perspective and in respect make it a profitable career.
      Thanks for sharing your opinions long time pal, I appreciate. 🙂

  4. A nice tip ..

    I really love this article.

    My adsense not impressin me for d past months now.

    Maybe i shoul try this tips and see were it will take me..

    Oscar thanks for this wonderful article.

  5. Hello Oscar I really like what you are doing i tell you I am really inspired. A while ago i decided to take action to build a successful financial carrier for my self. I decided to look for a need i could meet. since i am student doing masters i decided to focus student academic success. I started a website with a friend in August 2014. The blog is…. It is growing but I want know am I on the right track. At what point should i monetize the blog? Currently we have about average 100 unique visitors per day and 100’s of page views daily. I don’t want to spoil things by putting adverts on it. So I want to know your view on what we are doing and how it can get better thanks alot i am eagerly expecting your reply

    • Hi Eichie,
      Few hundreds of visitors could be great to monetize if they are your niche targeted audience. If they are just random visitors, you might want to build up your traffic some more before monetize. I’ll advise you work on quality content and try gaining your blog more exposure before thinking of monetizing it. I hope it does help. To your success.

  6. This is a great post.

    I have gained some useful insights from it. Certainly, building a successful blog takes more than just a few hours of online activity.

    It takes commitment, hard work and patience.

    Kudos and continue with the good work.

  7. The question I wanted to ask is where to promote my posts but thank God, you have already provided a link to read that from. Thanks.


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